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Quote: Exploration Through Writing


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Quote: Personality


“We are influenced by our personality, not controlled by it.”


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Next to you, the Sun couldn't be more ordinary.

Next to you, the Sun couldn’t be more ordinary.

Make me feel again, your words are warmth beneath my skin.
I’d give you love like water; overflow.
Drunk on you, I want without warning.
The touch of your skin ignites a fire.
Wet like rain, hot like heat.

You’re too bright to dance with the stars at the end of days.
Next to you, the Sun couldn’t be more ordinary.
It’s your exposure I crave.
Always beaming with your heart against my chest.

Come on, shine your smile again.
Your soothing light is endless when in the comfort of us.
I can tell by the way that you stare.
You’ve got a feeling that you can’t contain.
The unexpected can be beautiful.

We start to feel, we want to run.
Only stopping to see which way the wind blows.
It’s the simple things that keep us together.
We’ll dream another dream with your lips against mine.

If it gets too complicated, I’ll love you more.

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They tell you where you need to go
They show you what you need to know
When feelings go missing everyone ends up alone
What you mean to me shouldn’t be a mystery
Our feelings just want to come out & play deep down inside

I feel too much to think & it’s all because of you

Hearts can’t comprehend what’s written in stone, they’ve already moved onto our sleeves all rolled up
Come in closer before we drift apart
Close your eyes, close the gap between us with your lips

We feel too much to think until satisfaction flows through us

Turn the lights down, our bodies are destined to burn brighter tonight
We can’t hide our flame beneath these shades of black
Distance is only an illusion
Caught in this current state it’s hard to break away
We can’t do anything else

We feel too much to think, there’s no way around it

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Separate the Earth from the sky…

Missing something I can’t quite touch or understand
Chasing after more moments
I should be feeling something by now
Too close to know what’s good for me
Countless beauty has come & gone my way
I held you in place, you were my saving grace
Just had to take my breath away from where you stand

The horizon’s never been closer
We’re only as true as what we know

Always beside you, even from a distance
Space doesn’t change what we are
Trailing off right before your eyes
Every color is blind
It’s only permanent if you want it to be
Love don’t let go of me

The horizon’s never been closer
We’re only steps away from tomorrow

There’s a whole new sets of rules to learn by heart
Separate the Earth from the sky, make the world feel new
Every color is blind, when you take me in
Dreams form their own history, which explains you & me
Could you send some light my way?
I won’t run, if you won’t fight

The horizon’s never been closer
We’re only equal to what we’ve done

Separate the Earth from the sky
If we chose each other, what would we become?

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