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Quote: Constant Diligence

“I was never a natural at anything, but I could always outwork everybody.”. – Zac Efron (Men’s Health, May 2012)

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WTF: Ab Enhancer for Pseudo Athletes

I could make one of these things with my neighbors ghetto tv top satellite.
And what the *bleep* is a “pseudo athlete” and why doesn’t he have a last name!?

You either play sports at some level of skill or you don’t.

I think this product is for “pseudo athletes” that consider playing Tiger Woods Golf on the Wii U to be playing a sport.

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Stephen’s Anti-Superbowl Weekend

1 Fun workout
2 Postponed/cancelled dates
3 Cakes & cupcakes never got baked (there’s an unintentional drug reference haha)
4 Drinks
5 Movies & pizza slices later

And I finally had an epiphany:

I’ll be FINE by myself.

If I can stand being with myself, eventually I’ll find someone else who can put up with my smart-ass remarks, random dance attacks, vain mirror checking rituals & my penchant for doing cartwheels & handstands in my apartment (just to prove that I still can do it).

For starters I could have:
– Got laid at 2 in the morning
– Made cupcakes with a sweet yet complicated girl
– Gone to a Superbowl party
– Been miserable alone

But I did none of those things & I’m perfectly fine with that for some inexplicable reason (shh, I’m the most well adjusted person on the face of the planet).

I’m sure I left a few other tidbits out, but it’s Superbowl Sunday (and I really don’t care).

I’m hitting the showers & happily heading to bed.

Take care cupcakes…mmm cupcakes (drools just a little).

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Zumba Vs. Flat Abs Grab Pack

This Zumba workout is making me question my masculinity. Switching back to Hip Hop Abs…

On 2nd thought, doing crunches in order to reach the bag of chips on my lap is quite the workout in itself. I can already feel the burn in my heart!

Go me!!

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