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The vibrations between us fill the air
So don’t you dare stop
We don’t have to speak to keep it going

Signs are what we make them
You get what you give & I get you
It’s only you & me now that we’ve aligned our frequencies
These syncopated feelings could lead to harmony
Feel everything you do, like it’s subliminal; shifting this point of view so effortlessly

Like radar or sonar, so far our love below keeps picking up right where we left off
There’s nothing shallow about what we do
Good vibes breed good times

I hear heaven in your every breath
As you show me something I haven’t seen yet
Something so sublime can’t wait for another life to begin
Now is all that we have, so we can’t possibly stop

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Rain Dance

The way I move has changed because of you.

The way I move has changed because of you.

You really left your mark
The way I move has changed because of you
I’m stepping around the ripples you’ve made
Dancing through the sounds that echo from your being
You’ve captured this area under your reign with a thousand words that shaped my world
There’s no stopping you

A million drops of you fell onto me
Dripping with beauty
Showering me day & night
Rain may come down
But it’s you that always soaks right through
Past the layers made to cover what’s exposed
You came in & ran down the very fabric of my being
Everytime I see you coming I’m dying to know which way you’ll go
There is no season without you
All my life flows around your ways

I’m surrounded by all that you do, now that I know the truth
My sky falls because nothing compares to you
There’s no stopping you from raining down your blessings on me
Go on, fall onto me
Fall into me

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