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Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

For the Hansel and Gretel in you that still dreams of Gingerbread houses & other goodies.
This giant cupcake pillow for $23.95 certainly won’t curb your habit.
Don’t be surprised if you wake up with a mouthful of sweet, sweet pillow.

Wipe your mouth off, you’re drooling…. in your dreams.

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WTF: Get Your Wieners & Buns

It’s hard out there for food truck owners:

A Long Island hot dog cart owner has been arrested for using her business as a front for prostitution. According to the New York Post, Catherine Scalia would sell hot dogs and then hand out cards advertising her “bachelor-party services, one-on-one strips and a topless cleaning service.” Her risky business ventures have people calling her “the Hot Dog Hooker of Long Island”.

An undercover cop arrested her when she offered to give him a hand job for $50. (This was apparently after he took her up on the strip tease offer.) Also it seems from time to time she would sell hot dogs, as a neighbor put it, “in her bra and panties.”

Apparently, Scalia would take customers back to her Far Rockaway home instead the RV to prevent obvious food-handling concerns.

According to Nassau County Detective Lt. Kevin Smith, her prices were “about $100 and then to further engage in an additional sex act—it was another $50.” He also added “Now THAT’S some expensive relish!” with just a little too much excitement for our liking.

This is not the first time Scalia has been arrested for selling her special services along with hot dogs, either. She was first arrested in 2004 for the same charges. At that time she and her chef 34 year-old Rose Skorge (they called themselves Roxy and Diamond) performed a public sex act right outside the camper, only this time an undercover police officer bought two hot dogs and a bottle of water from her, but then she also offered two have sex with him at her home for cash. They went to her home in East Rockaway.

But hey, even this lady has her limits: at the time, she told officers “I zip up when I see kids.”

And her family is letting her stew in jail: her 13-year-old son told the Post “I just feel like if she stays in jail and does the time, then she will learn her lesson…Maybe my grandma will eventually feel bad for her and get her out.”

Maybe. Scalia’s bail is currently set at $2,000; she’s going to have to sell a lot of hot dogs to pay back whoever bails her out.

Oh & besides the obvious prostitution sting and having a brothel on the run in her camper, Scalia didn’t have a permit to sell hot dogs to begin with. Sigh.

Get Your Buns In Bed

Get Your Buns In Bed

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WTF: Middle East Shows America How to Do Pizza

Why choose when you can have it all! Call a Doctor before you place your order!

Pizza Hut always has some crazy kinds of crust, but in the UK they have Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza and today I learned about Pizza Hut Middle East’s Crown Crust Carnival pizzas. These pizzas are adorned with either cheeseburgers or chicken fillets, much like delicious gems on a cheesy crown. How regal! The promotional videos are worth a look (cheeseburgers, chicken fillets).

I wrote about KFC’s Double Down a long time ago, and now we have this. Chances are that we will never see this in North America, but if we do, I think I’d need to be seriously high and lacking in calories (pass me some Mary Jane, I need to have some serious munchies to stomach this culinary assassination attempt).

This is a sad and dark day, American pizza clearly isn’t what it used to be, the Middle East has shown them how Pizza is done. The war on “terror” has finally taken a new form. This crap is going to blow up the Middle East, by expanding their waists. America’s gluttony has been topped with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & burger buns biatch!

Take a look at the commercials below.

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KFC & The Double Down Double Standard

KFC's Backside Marketing

Bunless Sandwich Sold on the Buns of Girls

For about 2 weeks now my nephew has been talking about KFC‘s “Double Down“, a breadless sandwich: two oversized chicken patties between which lie two bacon strips, two cheese slices, and “special” sauce that’s anything but.

The photo above was in the 24 Hours Newspaper on the Day the Bunless Wonder showed up on University Campuses in the U.S. through the use of cute girls with the words “Double Down” on their butts.

*Clap Clap Clap* KFC sure knows how to market to the masses, if putting “Double Down” on the cute buns of hot girls doesn’t get guys to try this “bunless” destroyer, what will?
Human Advertisment has it’s price, it was reported by “USA Today” that the girls are paid $500 each to hand out coupons while wearing the red pants.
The National Organization for Women president Terry O’Neill told the newspaper the campaign is “obnoxious.”

KFC’s Double Down will kill you someday.
“Don’t just feed your hunger, crush it,” an ad for the sandwich on the U.S. KFC website says. “So much chicken there wasn’t room for the bun.”

The sandwich contains 540 calories, which the company says is similar to the calories found in burgers at other fast food restaurants. It contains as many calories as a McDonald’s Big Mac in Canada. Burger King’s Whopper has 670 calories, a Wendy’s single old fashioned hamburger has 470 calories and a Harvey’s original hamburger has 380 calories. The less said about it, the better. Thankfully this thing isn’t in Canada….yet.

I just have to ask, “Would you like a Heart Attack with that Double Down Sir/Mam?”

Read more: Globe & Mail – Forget healthy – KFC’s Double Down revels in glorious gluttony

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