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Feel the rain on your skin
Wash away what you’ve been hiding
Soak up all the joy
Run down the memories at your fingertips

I could shelter you from the rain
Or I could join you
Whether we laugh or cry, it’s all the same
We shared a moment

Step into the water
Create ripples with this step you’ve taken

We shared a moment
Not over minutes, but an eternity
Silence can be so clear

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The Lowest Point

I’m on my way down to the bottom for what I hope will be the last time
It can’t get much more difficult than it is
But I’ve been wrong before
Right now a breaking point sounds like a good vacation
Tomorrow I’ll be drinking to keep myself from thinking about me
Nothing seems the same & familiar means nothing when you don’t recognize what you’re seeing

Show me a way, make me find a better way
Do me a favor, don’t let me go without knowing where we stand

I don’t want to be alone, but I must be cus I’m out here on my own
Oh, there must be a silver lining & I can’t see it cus I’m running blind
These tears are tearing me up inside
Breaking down the walls I try so hard to hide behind
Its easier to seem so strong inside a house of stone before the storm

Blow me away, take me down to a better day
Take me away, wake me up to a better person

Morning light find a way into this room in my heart
Been up all night worrying about what tomorrow brings
Can’t see a thing & I don’t know if I really want to
Being blind isn’t freedom when blinding freedom comes with a clear destination
And company isn’t cheap when the company you keep isn’t worth a damn
So maybe being on my own is a blessing, but I hope that you will bless me with your presence from time to time my friend

Show me a way, make me find a better way
Blow me away, take me down to a better day

I’m on my way down to the bottom for what I hope will be the last time

Do me a favor, don’t let me go without knowing where we stand
Take me away, wake me up to a better person

I just wrote this 10 minutes ago as I was about to fall asleep, after being awake for the last 3 hours. Insomnia has its perks… Sometimes.

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Look, don’t hide.
Stay, don’t run.
What’s inside makes you the only one.
Feeling uneasy, living on the edge.
Certainty doesn’t always come easy, but when it comes you’ll know.
Without a doubt you can’t live without falling.

We come undone.

Easy come, easy go.
Internal damage rarely shows through the skin & mine’s not as thin as they’d like to think.
This place has become a revolving door.
Letting people in that should have stayed out.
Kindness only gets so far in a place that picks & chooses what it wants you to see.
No one needs approval & yet we crave it all the same.
I see no wrong in believing in the people that believed in me.

We come undone.

We’re doing alright trying to do right, as hard as it may be.
Found happiness in a bottle & now I’m as easy-going as can be.
In moments like these we see who we are & where we’ve been.
Sometimes when we come undone, we come together.

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Cut Loose

We should get drunk together & cut loose.
I’m fun love-drunk & you’re laidback tipsy.

We don’t need to be intoxicated to enjoy each other, but it sure makes things interesting.

I’ve never had a hangover. I blame it on my high tolerance. But I would love to grab a drink & cut loose on the dance floor with all off you, especially you “Storm”.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some really cool & interesting bloggers through this blog & Facebook.

This shot's for you.

This shot’s for you.

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The Non-Conformist Friendship Party

Friends should not be put on a leash. When you have real friends you should allow them to meet. Sure some of them might not get along at first (or at all) but if they care about you, that common interest should be enough. Every friendship functions differently.

Why do some people like having Splinter Cells (groups)?

Splinter Cells are small groups that separate & operate independently of each other & each serves a particular purpose.

Whether that is done because you like having a “getaway” from the norm or because you have your own messed up insecurities, it’s not fair to your friend(s). It’s not fair to keep people apart because you feel that you will no longer be the center of attention. Look, no one wants to steal your spotlight, well none of your real friends anyway.

So I’ve decided that my friends & other people who think like them should be called “The Non-Conformist Friendship Party” because we like to mix & mingle with everyone. Friends, families & love interests are welcome to join us without fear of exclusion, judgment or griping about attention. We’re friends because we actually like each other. It’s not about race, money, creed, looks or labels.

At the end of the day it’s about trust & respect. We trust that we’ll be in each others corner & we respect each others decisions. Now we may not always agree or like those decisions, but we won’t badger you about it.

So what are your ground rules for a good friendship?

In honor of my friends that saw Avengers with me this weekend, Non-Conformist Friendship Party Assemble!

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