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All I know is what I feel.
What I feel fuels me & keeps you coming back for more.
You’ve never met anyone like me.
If you had, you wouldn’t be following after me.

In my bed is where the wild things are.
And in my head is where every move is made.
You & I keep on starting things that we can’t stop.
That’s fine with me as long as you’re ready to go again.

Every shadow hides a secret.
And every light shows just who you are.
The love we’re creating is a step in the right direction.
I will make you feel.‬
All I know is what you feel.
What you feel fuels me & keeps me coming back for more.

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Darkest Passions

Do you ever think when you’re alone, “Are you holding back, like the way you always do?”

Sometimes the darkest passions cast a new light on everything before us, revealing so much that it hurts. Such humanity, desperate to be realized & accepted. We’ve tried & tried, but this sensation never really goes away, it may be ignored & suppressed, but it never can never be put out.

Emotions tend to trickle off into other emotions & fuel them in surprising ways. A cycle repeated, building up just to break down. When our hearts reach a fever-pitch, its us that burns down, not the one that set us ablaze.

I guess that’s why we do bad things in order to do good. It’s not an excuse, merely an observation.

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