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We didn’t get lost in the garden, we got lost in ourselves.

What if I told you that Eden never ends.
This is just another beginning.
We’ve done this before, we just forgot how we got here.
Think about it.

This is the new me & the new you standing before a reflection of who we were.
The times have changed, but the landscape is still exactly the same.
We’ve found paradise, because we never left at all.
Eden never changed, it was us.
We climbed too far, too fast & we fell harder than we thought possible.
We thought, we hungered for things that were beyond out reach.
Our lust for life is as limitless as the stars that blanket us at night.
Hope is found in the darkness & we’ve seen plenty of that.
But our love for each other is so bottomless & never-ending that we don’t know how to live without one another.
Your existence gives me hope.

I need you to understand.

I don’t think you grasp what I just said.
I need you so that I can understand what lies before me.
I know where we’ve been, but I need you to guide me with more than these eyes have seen.
We didn’t get lost in the garden, we got lost in ourselves.
So let me help you grow into something beautiful.
And then we can find hope in each other.
And we can begin anew.

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Awake & Alive (A Perfect Mess)

What’s a young one to do when what’s left is a perfect mess?
Right on schedule, these dreams are quickly seeping outside of my head.
Next in line to rule over this mass effect of emotion.
It’s all these restless nights & blanketed days under the Sun that we’ve forgotten.
See it’s all these little things that we’re gonna have to relearn.
How to crawl.
When to walk & when to run.
How to touch someone without lifting a finger.
What love is & how it’s supposed to be shown now.

Here’s a little secret, I don’t have a clue how any of it works.
I just do what I do instinctively.
It’s like I am the road & you are the wheels.
Some trips are worthwhile while others leave you behind.
Tread lightly & live fearlessly, eventually you’ll figure it out.
I could stay in bed all day, dreaming.
Blankets may keep me warm, but nothing feels better than simply being loved.
All these little dreams that I want to live out have formed a mountain that I intend to climb & rise above.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of that world outside your window cus who knows when you’re gonna need that breath of fresh air.
Dreams are doors to the things living inside our heads.
What we can’t make sense of, we sleep on.
And when we sleep, that’s when we’re truly awake to our potential.
And when we wake from our unscripted slumber, hopefully we’ll remember what we’ve learned.
It may not be perfect, but it’s good to be awake & alive.

Young one don’t be afraid of what you’ve got on the inside.
Don’t forget who you are.
Don’t forget to dream.
Believe in something that you can’t live without.

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