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It’s My Cake In A Box… Oh!!

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“Yes I slapped you upside the head with a cake…in a a bag. It Could have been much worse.” – Me

You guys bicker like a married couple so I hit you with something sweet.
What are you complaining about? You got all of the cake and none of the calories that way.

But I guess hugs and Coffee Crisp solves everything though. Oh Guneet.

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Fever Dream (Sleeping In A Burning Room)

It felt so real that I wanted it to be.
But I’ve got to let it go, it’s all or nothing.
You know me so well even though I don’t know where I’m going.
You just play it cool while I play the fool.
Were you ever really there?
I could hold onto you forever, I’m no match for your warm embrace.
I should let it go though.
I think I feel a fire starting.
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Come A Long Way

3 am strolling through the checkout line.
With exes behind me and all this life before me, I can’t waste time on another missing person.
Off to the side, waiting for a change to light the way.
Disappointments aside, I’m better than bitter & over being under.
Broken time just ain’t mine to keep anymore.
It’s slowly slipping away into the depths of yesterday.
As I walk through the streets where life seemed so much bigger,
I’ve realized that my hope for tomorrow lies in your eyes.
You’ve got what I need.
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Your Delicate Frame

They say that the biggest surprises come in the littlest packages and you my dear are proof of that.
Day after day you put your heart out on display.
Baby girl there’s no reason for you to hide your sweet & divine innocence, let it shine.
When life gets the best of us, somehow you still remain the best of us.
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Our Friendship Is An Epic Fail

“Our friendship is an epic fail. We learn more from our failures than we do from our successes.” she said.

“I’ve learned nothing from our many conversations, so we must have a successful friendship.” I said.

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