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Listen for anything different.
Take note of everything you do.
Give way for your mood swings & expressed trains of thought.
I’ll show you something new.
Leave you wanting more of me.
How can I be so sure of myself & what you want?
I’ve been paying attention.
Intuition plays out like chess, putting me moves ahead.
So let’s move on to something better.

There’s too much static coming from their expectations & your expression.
Don’t become what you’re not, stay true to who you are.
Lighten your load & live your life.
Ride it out.
I love it when your smile’s genuine & your hair’s a mess.
What a hot mess, such a sweet reality, your beauty.
Nobody’s perfect.

It feels so good to let loose.
Let go, let it flow.
Just breathe in & exhale your stories, you’re never boring.
You give me such a rush, I want more.
This is harmonic convergence.
Pay attention.

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