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Light Of My Life


Show me what I’m afraid to admit.

Light of my life.
I’m lost, chasing what I can’t have.
Guide me to a place where peace resides.
Show me what I’m afraid to admit.

Everyone sees what they want.
When the world goes dark brighten my perspective.
Old ways and new fears got me second guessing.
Show me the lies we love.

It’s time to move on.
False future fears are really nothing at all.
I won’t be blinded by a nameless existence.
Show me the light in my heart, mind and soul.

Be that dream I can touch.
Light of my life.

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Take Me Away


We’ll go where your dreams live…

I don’t want to wait.
Slow and steady’s never ready.
I don’t want to look back.

You make me feel something I want to explore.

Build me up with your touch.
Give me life when our world is empty.
Let your beauty breathe truth while time and space waste away.

I want to be where you are.

Let’s find a place where the Sun shines on your face.
We’ll go where your dreams live.
Don’t walk, run.

Take me away.

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Anything That Loves


Anything that lovesĀ is alive for a reason.
Profound epiphany fills our bones when our hearts are within reach.

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Your absence is my only fear.
When there’s no one to hold onto,
I hold onto your memory still.
With every thought you burn brighter.

Your spirit fills the abyss.
I’ll never know what empty is with this feeling I won’t soon forget.
If I had three wishes, I’d wish for you, every single time.

You take me back.
Back to a time, a place, something beautiful.
Take me back, take me whole.

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All Your Miracles


She gives the night its dreams.
Daylight comes hoping she’ll bask in its shine.
None can deny her gravity, her ways.
She can go places nobody else knows.

No season’s complete without her company.
Anywhere she goes the elements follow her grace.
Set aside your pain, her smile calms every flame.
She can do anything, with a little take and give.

You can have anything you please.
You’re an untapped world of possibility.
All eyes see in you what they hope to be.
You are everything between the Earth and Sun, because you have love.

You are a miracle.

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