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Masks (Pt. 4)


If you want to be somebody, be yourself.

It’s too easy to get lost in what’s missing.
Slipping into deeper shades of grey with each mistake.
This won’t last with the world at our fingertips.
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Masks (Pt. 3)


What the light tends to miss is what the dark can't resist.

You’re dangerous only when you’re misunderstood.
You want to cross the lines you know all too well.
Reflection shows what’s going on inside.
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Quote: Sound Like Yourself


I find this quote to be true both in life and voice acting.

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Masks (Pt. 2)


Why would anyone want the truth when the lie is more entertaining?
Give the people what they want.
Smile through the storm.
Pain isn’t beautiful, it’s forgettable. Continue reading

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Masks (Pt. 1)


It’s hard to shake such a simple need
Love was never a lie
Do you dare to bare yourself to my devotion?
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