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The moment of impact

The moment of impact

Hello you, you’re no stranger to me
You know me better than the weather
We’ve become deeper than the sea
It’s been a little while
So tell me what’s it gonna be?

The moment of impact
Hit before we could even react
There’s no words
No need for alarm
It’s already too late
We can’t fight what we’re knee deep in

Somehow a blip on your radar
Took more than a minute of your time
You wouldn’t believe it & I couldn’t see it
This came out of nowhere
So what do we do now?

The moment of impact
Swept us away before we could run away
There’s no time
No need for alarm
It’s already too late
We can’t fight what’s over our heads

Feel it coming in our bones
Just can’t shake it, now that we’re alone
Your guards can’t save you & I’m running low on ammo
Oh, just hold on
Touch the impossible
It’s too strong, our walls came crashing down
We’ve built a bond out of nothing but words
Nothing but words

Brace for impact
There’s no time
We’re already caught up in this

Hello you
You know me
Deeper than the sea
We can’t fight it…

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Quotes: You Make A Difference

“In a world where you can be anything… be yourself.”

“To hell with popularity, stand up for what you believe in, even if you’re standing alone.”

“You laugh because you think I’m different, I laugh because you guys are all the same.”

“Live your life without regret, don’t be someone who they’ll forget. In the end you’ll see who’s fake, who’s true and who would risk it all just for you.”

“Each of us represents a star in Heaven. Sometimes we shine with the rest, sometimes we twinkle alone and sometimes, when we least expect it, we make someone else’s dreams come true.”

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