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Live A Little

I want to see the wonder in what you do.

I want to see the wonder in what you do.

Life is a photograph waiting to happen.
Lights, like the sea are vast & always coming in.
It’s only minutes to midnight & we’re out there making the night ours again.
The sweetest escape can be found under neon lights, from time to time.

We’re stepping out to stay in a better state of mind.
When we want to write a story we set out to parts unknown.
Unexpected turns keep us going, our eyes can close once we’ve seen it all.

I want to see the wonder in what you do.
There’s a truth in your eyes that tells me everything.
Few moments can outshine a lifetimes spark.
Although pain & pleasure may shape what we believe, our dreams push away all the dirt & debris.

Leave your worries behind.
It’s only gonna get better, because a little heart goes a long way.
Tonight we’ll live a little.

Tonight we’ll live a little & love a lot.
Things are changing all the time.
So we’ll live a little & love a lot.
Live a little.
Just live.

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The Beauty Behind

Show me the beauty behind your eyes.

Show me the beauty behind your eyes.

Searching for a paradise in your eyes.
There’s just something about the colour of your dreams.
Always changing, never staying still.
Show me the beauty behind your eyes.

What’s inside a reminder, but a memory trying not to disappear?
Your lips are my resting place.
Pressing matters between our lips until this kiss solves everything.

Your eyes shine when you’re inspired.
Won’t let your light lose ambiance.
Walk with me into the Sun.
Sleep with me under the Moon.
Some things become apparent with time.
Affection’s direction should be one of them.

I need you to believe.
Your serenity replaces the depths of the dark.
The world looks better through your eyes.
That’s why I’m searching for a paradise in your eyes.
I know it’s there.

I’ll show you the beauty behind your eyes.

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Exciting Explorations

“I write to explore, not to excite.” – Stephen Quammie

After having a discussion with a friend of mine who is getting ready to publish another Ebook, I found myself stuck on this one line I said. I am always curious where one line will take me. Will I write something with ease or will it be an uphill battle?

I don’t really aim to grab anyone’s attention (yes, as a Writer I want to be read), I want to have a conversation, or a journey of sorts. I want my words to not only represent me, but to also be an extension of you. I don’t know you & you don’t know me, but on some level after scratching the surface, we aren’t all that different. I want to figure out what makes us click, while celebrating our differences.

You guys push me to be better. You inspire me with your vivid stories & gripping visuals. Looking at your world allows me to write & express things that are outside of my realm of knowledge or experience, but through connecting with you I am able to take on your joys & pains with you, in my own way.

Sometimes I’m not really writing about myself at all, I’ve just become the face of what someone is feeling because it’s easier to see & accept things from a distance. (Speaking of which, I need to get my eyes checked.)

I say all of that, to say this:

Life would be pretty boring without you. Thanks for being my muses.

Much love & respect,
Stephen Quammie (The Wandering Mind)

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Quote: Women Are Infinite

“Women are an infinite source of inspiration and mystery.” – Fábio Moon

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Made Up

Your name on my lips.
Your hand on my hips.
Your head rested on my weary shoulders.
I can’t question this.
Feeling closer than I’ve ever been to anyone that I’ve let in.

So tell me something that I don’t know.
As if you didn’t know that I was sure.
Give me a moment that I won’t forget.
Tell me that I am yours.
And I am yours.

My hand in your hair.
My eyes holding yours.
My body’s so near to yours.
I can’t believe this.
But you mean the world to me & I can’t deny.

What you say matters to me.
I try to control these feelings.
But I can’t win, this time I just can’t win.
And I don’t want to.
My mind is made up now & my heart already was.

So tell me something that you already knew.
A choice you’ve made & decided to follow through.
Show me a dream that you don’t regret.
Tell me that I am a part of it.
And I will be.
Yes, I will be.

I wrote this in 20 minutes because of this melody that was in my head. I guess the “Bourne Ultimatum” will have to wait for another night! Oh well.

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