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Impaired Vision

You love games when I’m not playing.
You once told me that you would give your life for me, but not your body.
With the promises made what else is there to be said.
Your joke was my dream & everything in between was middling at best.
Sometimes we do crazy things & dare to call it love.
Is the absence of clarity even worth seeing?
Because your sight brings me a new kind of pain.

Is this what you want for us?
Is this what you want for yourself?
To be honest, I could love you till my dying day.
But is it my love that you want to fall into?

Here is where I loved you, in the shadow of the day & in the light of the night.
As a star follows after the glow of the day, I followed after you for what good it did me.
Not for nothing, I’m just saying that I dreamed where you danced around & every move you made pushed me further out of view.
There’s always truth in silence & pain in delays, so I’m done waiting for you to say something for real.
I don’t want you to commit the sweetest sin, telling me everything under the Sun until I burn away like a bonfire made of all the tomorrows that’ll never come.

You can’t be so blind.
You can’t be so blind when you have it all.
To be honest, I could love you till my dying day.
I can’t be so careless.
I can’t be so careless when you have it all.

To be honest, I could love you till my dying day.
You can’t be so blind & I can’t be so careless.

This was written in May 2012, but I finally found the nerve to finish it tonight.

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The Young Love Property

Our love is too young to know what a conscience is.
We want what we want, everything else is but an afterthought.
We are blind at times because we choose to be.
I don’t want to see the things you do when I’m not around because I do not own you, you are still your own person.
You always get what you asked for, I asked to be broken and I’m beginning to crack with no one to confide in now.
We crawl so we can learn to walk again, its a sick cycle.

For what its worth I’m not even mad.
We should not be defined by our intentions but by our actions.
You told me what I didn’t ask to know, so I told you what you didn’t expect to hear.
It is what it is, now we just have to decide where we go from here.
No pressure, no loss.

Beneath the layers of black I’m burning red, with passion, with anger, and with a light that still remains unseen.
Was it by choice or circumstance that we ended up this way?
Save your strength, let me know when you’ve come to your senses.
Why does it always seem that somebody falls in love with you when you’re ready to give your heart away?

Give me a break, give me a reason to believe in.
You can save me from myself, but there is something that I must confess tonight, and that is that I expect nothing from you.
Alone I have nothing, but with you what do I have to hold?
Some wrinkles can’t be ironed away, in the same vein that some stains can’t be removed, but let’s not worry about those things.
I won’t speak of day old hate.

I’d like to think that I’m the only one with access to the high rises of you mind, all the way down past the ground level to the basement where your passion resides.
I want to get you so excited that you jump up and down without worry because you’re fully supported.
I just want to believe that I mean something to you.
All I want is you, although the pain it costs has me at a loss.
You’re the reason I’m waiting.
I’m waiting for a reason and you’re the only hindrance that I know.
I’ve got nothing else and I wouldn’t change a thing.
My heart beats bolder, not colder because of you.

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