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Next to you, the Sun couldn't be more ordinary.

Next to you, the Sun couldn’t be more ordinary.

Make me feel again, your words are warmth beneath my skin.
I’d give you love like water; overflow.
Drunk on you, I want without warning.
The touch of your skin ignites a fire.
Wet like rain, hot like heat.

You’re too bright to dance with the stars at the end of days.
Next to you, the Sun couldn’t be more ordinary.
It’s your exposure I crave.
Always beaming with your heart against my chest.

Come on, shine your smile again.
Your soothing light is endless when in the comfort of us.
I can tell by the way that you stare.
You’ve got a feeling that you can’t contain.
The unexpected can be beautiful.

We start to feel, we want to run.
Only stopping to see which way the wind blows.
It’s the simple things that keep us together.
We’ll dream another dream with your lips against mine.

If it gets too complicated, I’ll love you more.

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Don’t Remind Me

You can’t be tempted by what you don’t want.
You will die daily if you pretend to be anything less than you are.
Your thoughts seem to be rather intense in a time when you thought your fire was gone.
You could calm your mind and hold your breath, but patience can only wait for so long.
Yeah holding onto something that isn’t there is different from holding onto nothing.
You can choose to believe that all your troubles are over or that they never existed to begin with.
If you ever forget how much you really mean to them, rest assured someone will be there to show you.
Never let go, never say goodbye.

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