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An Honest Question

What does it mean when someone says, “When can I see you again?”

Does that question come off a tad “romantic” sounding when compared to:

“Hey, why don’t we hang out some time?”

“Let’s do something this weekend.”

Normally I’ve said or heard the words, “When can I see you again?” while dating someone, so I’m just wondering if that sentiment is generally the same across the board.

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All That Never Was (Could Be Real)

I’ve spent so much time trying to be what I thought you needed me to be.
I’ve had a good view of all of the possibilities.
I can’t take back the words I never said.
All that never was could be real if we’d step up.
Possibilities aren’t reality.
Possibilities are made of paper, they can be torn.
Possibilities aren’t scripted, they can be rewritten.
There’s so many questions in my head.

Tell me that I’m wrong.
Tell me something.
I’m in a fighting mood, test me.
Watch me challenge you.
Go, run, run, run.
I’ll stay right here.

Forget about my mass appeal, I’m not looking for groupies.
You’re a fly girl, so take off if you don’t plan on being with me.
If I wanted to suppress something, I’d pop a pill or drown in myself.
If you ever get the nerve to respond to this, be direct.
Get to the point; we all have things to do.
Be cruel to be kind, just be something.
All I need is an answer; am I a priority or an option?
There’s so many answers in your silence.

Tell me that I’m wrong.
Tell me something.
I’m in a fighting mood, test me.
Watch me challenge you.
Go, run, run, run.
I’ll stay right here, where your voice blows in the wind.

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Saw The Distance

Today I saw a sign that I couldn’t ignore.
It said “Reclaim your dignity” in white & green.
Not white & green like cash money, but like a light telling me it was time to go.
I did what people told me & let them mold me.
Until recently I didn’t know what hit me.
Complacency; sure it was gentle, but it stings just the same.
I feel lost at times.

Now I’m on my own, there is no middle ground.
Shot after shot, words & ideals ricochet.
Indecision isn’t a decision, so here I am in decision, blindly going forward.
Don’t worry I won’t spend too much time underground.

In the blink of an eye everyone I truly connected with saw the distance.
I tried to respond with kindness to their questions & was left with more.
Trust what you know or trust what you’ve seen?
Change will come, even in this disarray.
And the rest is in the past where it belongs.
It doesn’t really matter where it all began.
Happiness is always waiting for something new.

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Arm Candy

My glass is half empty cus I’m full of it.
Smokes rising to the top without me in this place cus it’s beneath me.
And when skirts walk by with a smile and a little something in their eyes, I can’t deny that it’s on tonight.

Girl you’re looking so sweet, let me be your arm candy.
I’ll give you something to smile about while we move to the beat as if we’ve done this before.
Girl you lit up my mind and there’s no point in trying not to show it.
I just want to make you feel good tonight & in the morning we’ll pick up where we left off if you’ve still got that angelic smile on your sweet sun-kissed face.

Yes, this is what I think about in the time that it took you to look my way as you walked right by.
And you wonder why it seems like I know exactly what I’m doing from the moment I approached you under these flashing lights.

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Right Where You Are

Everywhere I go, I know that I can find someone to call mine.
Every time they say my name, I say “baby” and maybe it’s time that I reserved a spot for that special name.
I’ve got nothing to lose but my loneliness.
But in the back of my mind I can feel a faint painful sensation that I don’t deserve.
And then it hits me as I see you looking my way.
You act as if nothing’s changed even though you’ve got something else going on in the background.

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