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Good Morning, Good Night


We make midnight feel like morning

Quiet nights and busy days know the truth
I can’t get by without loving you
I gave you all of me just to see you smile
Made you laugh so you’d stay for a while Continue reading

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Fall Into The Fire

Would you let me know
When it’s safe to fall into the fire
Fall into the fire inside you

Leave me without warning
Knowing that I’ll follow you blindly
Against the odds or against your chest, there is no contest

Would you let me know
When it’s safe to fall into the fire
Fall into the fire inside you

If you’re burning up like I am
Let me know
There’s no need for alarm

Light me up & watch me fall
Once is never enough
Fall, fall, fall into the fire

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Isolation & Emphasis


I’m learning to see you differently
I recognize your intent & I can’t ignore it
Your contrast puts everything into perspective
I’ve been reaching for you my entire life, in hopes that you’d return to me

Captured in an instant
Touch me with your warm hands
Bring the Sun my way tonight
And in the morning there’ll be no mourning
Not even distance can set us apart
Always in rotation,  let the first be the last

Isolation & emphasis
Out of focus urges competing for attention
Bathe me in your ambient glow
Before we fade into the background
Have your way

Isolation & emphasis

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A Rush Of Blood To The Head

A rush of blood to the head.

A rush of blood to the head…

*NOTE: When you have a “rush of blood to the head”, you suddenly feel a surge of excitement or anger, and do or say something without thinking. It’s behind every act we do honestly out of spontaneity.*

We can be as close as you want.
I’ve got nothing but time to give, so where do we begin?
Stop the countdown, take some time to feel.
This embrace isn’t charity, its clarity.

Who knows what’s right as the times keep pushing on.
Where do we go from here?
Rise as the pressure builds, look to the center of your world.
Through the crowded city streets, past the fears beating against your heart.

When everything is falling, we do what we do.
We can be as close as you want.

We are directed by pathos, so keep on looking.
Every emotion lives in our eyes.
From a flash of anger, to a glimpse of happiness, it’s all here.
You can tell me, show me, but don’t break our gaze.

Caught up in the moment, it’s been a long time coming.
We can be as close as you want.

So here we find ourselves drenched in every reason we’ll ever need.
Breaking through the skin deep, let me fill you with something you can feel.
Anybody without a soul wouldn’t understand how far we’d go.
Our bodies enjoy this thrill ride, there’s no need to hold back.
We can be as close as you want.

More feeling than thinking in this world we’re living in.
A rush of blood to the head.
What you feel is not an illusion.
Every pulse gives you strength to press on.
Believe in tomorrow as though it will come, but live for today as though it’ll never wash away.

When the world is at your feet, open your eyes & hold on.
We can be as close as you want.

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Window Display

Every look writes a story.

Every look writes a story.

Day & night we can’t hide what we feel
Every wall they’ve built up comes crashing down
Lower your thoughts, our urges are bottomless
So we keep going to prove our passion’s reach
Caught up in the moment, we perform like we’re on Broadway

React to the touch of my hand
Bringing attention to parts unknown
You’re safe with me
Allow our tongues to provoke intensity
Body language knows when to obey
Let my love demonstrate in ways which syllables lack

Our existence is acknowledged with each breath we release
Exploration requires dedication
Don’t rush a thing when it comes to desire
Touch till you feel as though you can read me like braille
More than metaphoric bliss, each kiss gives birth to a new world
Can’t escape this euphoria we’ve made

Every look writes a story
Temptation is without hesitation between us
Do what comes natural
Who cares who sees us, as long as our eyes are on each other
Against the glass our love will last
Don’t look back

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