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Got This Way

I don’t know how I got this way.
I can’t wait for you to show your face because I can’t replace the way I feel.
You’re one of the many, one of the few to capture my gaze.
I’m not ready to say that you’re right for me, but you just might be.
When you finally touch me and say the things that you do,
that’s when I know that they don’t know me like you do.
I don’t know why you’re here, but I’m glad all the same.

Without question you’ve got my back and my attention if only you knew.
I’ve got it bad for you now, and its getting better in the worst way.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked back trying to trace when I saw you differently.
I can’t figure out when I decided that I’d trade getting closer to you over anything else.
The longer I stay by your side, the less I see reason to leave.

Sometimes I try to breathe on my own and move on.
Sometimes I hold my breath and hold out for you to slip away from everyone else,
and slide into my arms.
The sensation is beautiful as you release me from your hold after a while.
It’s so amazing, the feelings I’ve felt as I think of you.
Sometimes I wonder about you more than I ought to and that’s when catch myself picking apart everything you do and all the lines you’ve said in between.

Is it alright for you to spend your time with someone like me?
There’s a difference in the room when you slip away, so I’m glad that you’re here today.
You’ve been so good to me and I can’t quite articulate it when we’re in the moment, but I’ve got to let you know somehow.
Someday I’ll think of some way to thank you for thinking of me before your own needs.
That’s why I don’t mind doing things for you.
You did things for me that I still can’t believe you did,
that’s why I always want to keep you here for years to come.
I’d give you all of my attention, none of my indecision,
and the rest is what we make of it.
I guess it’s like you always say, nothing’s real except what you feel.
And yet I still don’t know how I got this way, but maybe I don’t need a reason.

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I’m still learning my way around your mind
So excuse me when I look lost in you and the things you say
You aren’t the problem; it’s my imagination’s sense of direction
I’ll follow close the guidance you’ve given me
If you’ll follow the trust I’ve instilled in you
Believe me, I know your ways and I should back away from that fire in your eyes
But I need a little warmth; I won’t touch, I just need to feel some heat
You’ve got plenty to spare, your touch is proof of this

No one admits that deep down we’re all like glass
Tangible and strong to a point – We’re all filled
I don’t know all that you go through
But I know what I can do to understand you a little better
Let me get closer before you close your doors
It’s alright to not feel alright tonight
But for a moment let’s forget about the pressures of living
Let’s just be ourselves, like before we knew any better

Another chance to start up conversation, don’t hesitate to say anything around me
We don’t have to see eye to eye, you don’t have to be into the things I like
I’m into you; you make everything worth while
By the light in your eyes I can tell that you’re coming around
There’s not much I can do to help you, but I can listen to your breathing
Beating me to the punch, every utterance is profound
Simply put each line is walked upon ever so lightly

Your grace leaves traces of joy all over my face
Your heartbeat moves the world
Don’t turn away from the eyes that see you for who you really are
Every move is a promise worth keeping
Every once in a while I fall into you when I know that I can only love you
I can’t be the one you want to love, but I can still love you

Maybe someday you’ll completely get why I look at you the way I do
For all the right reasons and maybe one that flirts with being borderline wrong,
daily we confess our love for one another
Brother, sister, companion or lover alike, they all love, each a little differently
Each love builds towards a cause and we have to handle it like a glass
We don’t choose the ones that mean the most to us, they choose us
Before we knew what we were, we were close
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