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Coat of Arms

Why the hell not!?

Why the hell not!?

Pure unfiltered joy
You should wear it proudly
Having the freedom to turn mistakes into priceless gems
Finding out just how much you’re worth
Laughs fueled by those sweet little moments
Pouring out affection wrapped in your coat of arms
Take what’s left out & shine a little light on it
Form a single line & follow every sign towards change
Never forget how you found your way back
Pick up the pieces & put them together as you see fit
It isn’t always easy, but damn is it worth it
And don’t forget to smile on your way out


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Quotes: Self-destructive Multitasking

“Drinking, working, women. It was like some kind of self-destructive multitasking. I had built myself a shell & disappeared inside it…

I just go forward. No more looking back. No more looking down. Just keep moving forward.” -Tony Stark (The Invincible Iron Man: My Monsters, 2011)

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Charlie Sheen x Charlie Brown

This is Charlie Sheen’s world. We’re just living in it. Whereas Robert Downey. Jr. resuscitated and redefined his career by cleaning up to portray Iron Man, Charlie Sheen became the real-life Tony Stark. He makes deranged narcissistic self-destruction look fun and that is so NOT fair (but still fun).

I think the first thought anyone had when seeing all of the video of Charlie Sheen’s lunacy is “How long will it take for a video mash-up with this and Charlie Brown?” Jimmy Kimmel’s viral video experts fortunately went to work and churned this out, a hybrid of Sheen’s interview with ABC and a Charlie Brown cartoon. This video is made of “win”. Instant CLASSIC.

Here’s some more bang for your non-existent buck.

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