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You’re on every man’s most wanted list.
You know you’re so cold.
You know just what you’re capable of.
That’s why you never look my way cus you know just where I’m going.
In my head, you’re already there.
In my dreams, you’ve crossed through.
Took what you wanted when you wanted and went about your way.

Love like an avalanche.
Confidence as cool as ice.
Eyes like crystal.
Everything she says is like a slippery slope.
She’s dangerous.

No promises worth keeping.
No love worth losing.
All the sleep you’re not getting keeps you up to no good.
After dark is when you can be found working.
I’m just another job, a quick hit & then it’s over.
You’re good, you’re such a professional.
So dangerous, yet still I can not turn away.
You’re the best I’ve ever seen.
Maybe I’ve seen too much.

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Fever Dream (Sleeping In A Burning Room)

It felt so real that I wanted it to be.
But I’ve got to let it go, it’s all or nothing.
You know me so well even though I don’t know where I’m going.
You just play it cool while I play the fool.
Were you ever really there?
I could hold onto you forever, I’m no match for your warm embrace.
I should let it go though.
I think I feel a fire starting.
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Never Been Broken

It’s been too long & I could use somebody, someone like you.
At 3 in the morning to tell me that everything will be okay.
After sunrise I’m too busy living it up to notice all of the holes in my armor.
Nonchalance isn’t acceptable when it goes on & on until I’ve lost sight of the Sun.
We are young, but I’ve got an old soul that yearns to be about more.
What a way to go, what a way to feel.

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The Science of Affection

What do I care if we never see eye to eye again?
Obviously I care enough that I had to come find you and show you how much I need you.
What I think of you is much broader than I’ve let on, and that was my mistake.
There should be no question of who’s got your back; I will be there, as close as you need me to be.
You’re broken, let me make you feel better.
You see my affection collected in the little things that I’ve done.
Give way to the things that are bigger than we’ll ever hope to be.

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Clarity comes in the quiet moments; with eyes closed and hearts open-wide. For me, clarity is that single moment where being alone puts me at perfect peace.


“I’m not alone, but I wish I was cus then I’d know…” – John Mayer

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