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WTF: Orgasms Can Make Men Sick. That Makes Sense.

According to a new report, much of the reason that men get so tired and cranky after sex is because they are allergic to their own semen, which is both ridiculous and sad at the same time. But fear not, dear reader. Should you fall victim to this ailment, there is recourse.

They call it hyposensitization therapy, but that’s just a fancy way of saying that they expose you to small amounts of your own jizz over time until you’re not allergic to it anymore. The fact that we’ve been doing this very thing since we turned 13 apparently is not scientific enough to work. Still, no harm in trying.

Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome doesn’t really sound that bad when you think about it. At least it means you got laid.

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Josh Groban Sings Kanye West Tweets

Josh Groban has a new album and he has been attempting very unique ways of promoting himself and his new album along the way. He has been featured on the Rachael Ray show to feature his “Groban’s Garden” while cooking up some strange, yet “gotta try that Josh Groban-style” entrées and dishes.

And this time around he’s once again going viral and you can find him singing Kanye West‘s Tweets in his unique way at the piano that will have you in tears from the laughter – guaranteed.

Puzzled? Don’t be. Tweets are the 140 character limit from any user on the website @KanyeWest is American rapper Kanye West’s and Josh Groban is simply taking a laugh out of some of the deep thought provoking tweets Kanye has graced us with after having joined Twitter only last year.

Check out the hilarious segment below as seen on Jimmy Kimmel:

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