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Aimless (Pt. 2)

It's hard to fight when we're in this position.

It’s hard to fight when we’re in this position.

Aimless with desire.
Love, hate, where’s the line that separates?

Where do I even begin?
When I listen to you breathing.
You don’t have to say a word.
I am not playing games with you.
You will be mine tonight.

You try to act like you don’t want it too.
Every kiss is a trojan horse.
You had me in your sights for reasons you no longer know.
It’s hard to fight when we’re in this position.
You are not alone, I feel it too.
Mixing pleasure with pain.

You’re aimless with desire.
There is no end to the way that you feel.

We’re in too deep.
Focus shifts from our lips to our fingertips.
Every emotion’s passing through.
This is how we fight for love.
I know how to touch your body.
You know how I feel deep down inside.

We’re aimless with desire.
Exploring this spectrum we feel.

It feels so good when it comes naturally.
Rhythm is the trigger, give it a shot.
Say what you want, won’t hold it against you.
You’re a prisoner only to your will.

Aimless with desire.
Love doesn’t end, it’s only beginning.

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