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Class Is In Session Boys

This is for the man-child that tips baseball caps instead of hats & thinks sports jackets are the new sports blazer. This is for the guy with one good suit & ten pairs of Jordan’s with a cap to match each one. This is why hearing Justin Bieber say “Swaggy” irks me.

Style is more than labels, it’s ageless substance. Class is not found on the price tags left hanging off your fresh kicks, it’s the priceless look on ladies faces when you stop in your tracks to hold a door open.

You can’t talk straight with that grill in your mouth & you didn’t comb your hair with that comb lodged into your ‘fro.

Man up or shut up.

“Fix up, look sharp.” – Dizzee Rascal

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WTF: Gender Identity Crisis… (via I Can’t Watch, Is It Over Yet?)

LMFAO, man this made my day.

Gender Identity Crisis…

via I Can’t Watch, Is It Over Yet?

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Brown x Bieber – Next 2 You

Brown Bieber Sighting

If this track from Chris Brown’s upcoming album “F.A.M.E.” which drops March 22, doesn’t blow up, I’ll be genuinely surprised. When the powers that be put Justin Bieber on a Chris Brown song (after he did a remix on Bieb’s “Never Say Neverremix album) people will listen. The vocal layering and call and response of the verses keep the song interesting. This pop track is safe and clean enough for Bieber’s audience and catchy enough to appeal to Breezy‘s growing fanbase.

Next 2 You’ is a soothing mid-tempo dance number featuring gentle rhythms, synthetic swelling strings and tenderly sung lyrics promising love and devotion:

“Girl you are the only thing that I got right / One day when the sky is falling / I’ll be standing right next to you / Right next to you/ Nothing will ever come between us because I’ll be standing right next to you / Right next to you.”

What do you think about this collaboration?

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