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Quote: No Church in the Wild

“What’s a mob to a king, what’s a king to a God, what’s a God to a non-believer who don’t believe in anything?”- Kanye West (No Church in the Wild)

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Arm Candy

My glass is half empty cus I’m full of it.
Smokes rising to the top without me in this place cus it’s beneath me.
And when skirts walk by with a smile and a little something in their eyes, I can’t deny that it’s on tonight.

Girl you’re looking so sweet, let me be your arm candy.
I’ll give you something to smile about while we move to the beat as if we’ve done this before.
Girl you lit up my mind and there’s no point in trying not to show it.
I just want to make you feel good tonight & in the morning we’ll pick up where we left off if you’ve still got that angelic smile on your sweet sun-kissed face.

Yes, this is what I think about in the time that it took you to look my way as you walked right by.
And you wonder why it seems like I know exactly what I’m doing from the moment I approached you under these flashing lights.

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Josh Groban Sings Kanye West Tweets

Josh Groban has a new album and he has been attempting very unique ways of promoting himself and his new album along the way. He has been featured on the Rachael Ray show to feature his “Groban’s Garden” while cooking up some strange, yet “gotta try that Josh Groban-style” entrées and dishes.

And this time around he’s once again going viral and you can find him singing Kanye West‘s Tweets in his unique way at the piano that will have you in tears from the laughter – guaranteed.

Puzzled? Don’t be. Tweets are the 140 character limit from any user on the website @KanyeWest is American rapper Kanye West’s and Josh Groban is simply taking a laugh out of some of the deep thought provoking tweets Kanye has graced us with after having joined Twitter only last year.

Check out the hilarious segment below as seen on Jimmy Kimmel:

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