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The Beauty Behind

Show me the beauty behind your eyes.

Show me the beauty behind your eyes.

Searching for a paradise in your eyes.
There’s just something about the colour of your dreams.
Always changing, never staying still.
Show me the beauty behind your eyes.

What’s inside a reminder, but a memory trying not to disappear?
Your lips are my resting place.
Pressing matters between our lips until this kiss solves everything.

Your eyes shine when you’re inspired.
Won’t let your light lose ambiance.
Walk with me into the Sun.
Sleep with me under the Moon.
Some things become apparent with time.
Affection’s direction should be one of them.

I need you to believe.
Your serenity replaces the depths of the dark.
The world looks better through your eyes.
That’s why I’m searching for a paradise in your eyes.
I know it’s there.

I’ll show you the beauty behind your eyes.

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Fill The Empty

We'll find ways to fill the empty.

We’ll find ways to fill the empty.

You came, because you want me alone.
Desire showed you my face.
Still, attraction brings us closer than any steps we’ve taken.
Quiet, I can hear everything you wish I’d say.
Only promises made in silence can last.
We’ll find ways to fill the empty.

Words don’t stand a chance against our lips.

You’re not a secret anymore.
I’ve been searching for threads of you in my very fabric.
Your ways layered over my history & made me feel anew.
You’ll feel in new ways as long as you’re in my possession.
Show me how you move & I’ll show you who you are.

Words don’t stand a chance between our bodies.

Our long lost love starved tendencies crossed over parallel lines to redefine where we fit in.
While the world keeps moving, we stopped to see each other, deeply.
With our lips pressed upon destiny, we found peace in this moment & the next.
We can do whatever we want, as long as we have the heart.

We’ll find ways to fill the empty.

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Quote: The Second Best Thing

“Smile. It’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.” – Anonymous

I’ll leave you to figure out what the “first” thing is for yourself. To each, their own.

And yes, I am smiling, among other things.

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Up Against The Walls

I didn’t know what to expect when your eyes held mine like I owed you something.
Then you took me in and put me up against the pillars of our attraction and I caved.
I gave in and you took it all in with that devilish grin that grew across your sweet face.
What happened to my angel and the heaven that you promised me?
What happened to my angel, who’s hot as hell with intense passion burning in your eyes?
No one makes you feel this way even if they’ve tried.
I’ve set you off with no fail-safe and now I’ve got to find a way to make it last until you’ve come back to your senses.

You know I don’t care at all that you’ve got me up against the wall.
I’ll do whatever it takes to free you, I’m not going anywhere.
Its your space, now take your place.
Don’t try to fight it, lose control and do as your body told you to do.
Let’s find out what it takes to move you.
Move it to the left, but don’t leave me alone.
Move it to the right, right there is the spot.
When you come back down, I’ll be the one that’s on the ground.
Break me I beg thee.

The Winter’s way of living is one of bundled covers and layered embraces.
That was good and everything, but the time for Lady Winter’s games have passed.
I can’t wait to satisfy my lust for life with a shot of you.
You’re what I desire when I’ve got that fire in my bones.
That’s one shot excitement & one shot of anticipation, straight no chaser.
You’re just like me, so let’s find out what we’re made of.

Anticipation doesn’t listen to the things of yesterday, only tomorrow matters, so that’s where we’re heading.
All the while we haven’t taken a step from this spot.
All of the things we’ve done and places we’ve been have all been experienced with our backs against the walls and our lips pressed against each others.
You should follow your heart from the start.
I wear mine on my sleeve and my top just fell to the floor in your presence.
From sunrise to sundown our silhouettes cast shadows against the walls.
When I let you have your way with me, all we seem to do is tear down these walls.

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