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Mixtapes & Weekend Escapes

You’re the best, you’re the best ____ I’ve never had.
I’m not chasing after skirts, I’m following my heart to yours.
Its been a long time coming, hasn’t it?
I don’t know why we didn’t see it before.
But regardless, I can’t get enough of you.
Oh if only you truly knew.

Hold that thought, hold back & slow your roll young blood.
Such passion is out of fashion, no one wears their heart on their sleeves anymore.
Why isn’t red the new “black” this year?
Does love really have a color?
Because if it did, I’d want mine to mix with yours until something new & fresh was created.
Some things take time to grow, while some things just take time before you even know it.

Laid back, arm wrapped; we’ve found each other many times before in this embrace.
Lips to cheek, hand on hand; we’ve said goodbye this way before.
But eye to eye & heart to heart, is somewhere we haven’t gone before.

With half my heart my embrace envelops you whole, not knowing how to let go.
And only with half the intensity do my lips meet your face for fear that I’ll reveal too much too fast.
I must have one hell of a poker face because I know that you’re not blind.
I wish I could say more, but now is not the time.
Now is not the right moment.
I’ll see you tomorrow, and maybe you’ll see me too.
Maybe, just maybe.

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WTF: Gender Identity Crisis… (via I Can’t Watch, Is It Over Yet?)

LMFAO, man this made my day.

Gender Identity Crisis…

via I Can’t Watch, Is It Over Yet?

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Late Nights (Cologne)

I could give you something to smile about.
Years from now when you’ve settled down with the next best thing, I’m what you’ll be daydreaming about.
I won’t keep you waiting, no hesitation on my part as I part your red seas while you say “Oh my God”.
With just a touch you’re already breaking down.
Its not what’s being said that’s turning you inside out, its how it flows out of me that’s got you running wet.
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Love Is The Game & The Prize

Ever since my VD experience (Valentine’s Day, not the other kind of VD or Vampire Diaries), I have been wondering where I stand with the many women in my life. I love many women, but am in love with few. Last night I had a chat with two of my closest friends who will be getting married to each other later this year (congrats once again), and they gave me some good advice. One thing that stuck with me was “If you’re close to each other just ask her directly”. I already do that when we talk about everything else, so why can’t I be direct when it comes to us?

I think that part of my hesitancy stems from not knowing how to gauge the way she treats me vs other guys. Yes, its me vs the world, only the world doesn’t know it yet! With most girls I can get a feel for their intentions towards me based on the way they look and talk with me or how affectionate they are. It’s like my Attraction GPS is off when it comes to her, yet somehow she always finds her way to me. I don’t want to take things for granted. I have no shame, so I can deal with being wrong about her and laugh it off over drinks and awkward stories. Oh the things we do.

Love is the game and the prize, and I am but one player (and no I don’t mean “Playa”).

Maybe someone can answer this question for me. When does “hanging out” become “dating”?

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