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Lovers Last (Destination)

Wait for it, it only gets better from here.
What we do from here on out is up to us.
If you think it’s better for us to stay where we are, we’ll do just that.
But you should know.
If you’re ready to move on, I’ll make my move.
We’ve reached our destination.

From the beginning we knew that we’d end up together, but not like this.
Now it all comes down to where we choose to run.
Love keeps raining down whenever you’re around.
Floodgates are overrun.
I’m not above drowning in your deep affections.
Willing to give in, losing our breaths between you & I.

Are we friends first & lovers last?
Lovers last forever my friend.
Tried holding my breath, but each time we’re this close you take what little air I have left.
We’ve reached our destination.

Heat’s fogging up the looking glass we played safe behind.
We don’t need safety nets to catch us this time.
All our walls have come down, brick by brick we’ve come undone.
We’re alone exactly like it’s supposed to be.
Hold on, hold me, I’ll show you sweet relief.

Are we friends first & lovers last?
Lovers last forever my friend.
Holding out for sweet release, but each time we go our own way we end up right where we left off.
We’ve reached our destination.

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To The Point

I’ve got nowhere for you to stay, but I can tell you where you can go.
You’ve got me speechless as I stop and wonder “what was I thinking?”.
I don’t know where to start, somebody tell me what I was tripping on before I fall too far.
Everything was all for nothing, now I know.
It just isn’t the same when I try to let my love out while my heart’s under arrest.
I’m past the point of turning back, I’ll let karma look out for me.

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Leave your worries behind you as you realize who’s next to you.
You made it this far, so what’s one more step gonna do?
It’s been a long night and there’s too much on your mind.
When I look at all the things you try to hide as you push aside your feelings, I wonder.
You just made it up, so why did you just change your mind again?
I just can’t seem to win; I gave you what you wanted.
Everything you want, you just can’t have it.
Who do you blame when it’s nobody’s fault?

As the world is slowly turning I’m learning how to live through a life I have to give.
All that remains is to speak your mind, any way you want.
Starting over again can be so transparent.
Even though I don’t have all the answers at least I’m not riddled with questions.
I’m just trying to find my way.
Well I guess getting lost in you was just one of the many steps that I had to take.
I lost it all just to find you on my mind.
Why do you keep coming back?

I want nothing more than your happiness.
If you know how I feel don’t say a word.
I can’t live this way, I’ll die, so let me rest in peace.
Save your breath for me as you change your form into something more fitting.
I don’t care about people talking; let them speak about what little they know.
Are you still there?
We do this every night, but this time’s different.
It’s a shame, you don’t even know.
No you don’t.
Listen, I have nothing more to say.
But somehow the heart completely understands what little remains.
Or so it seems.

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