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Thrill Seeker (Pt. 2)

I hear her urges crying out, tempting fate.
In a world where no one takes your place, you can do no wrong.
Eye to eye, I know you can’t get enough.
Hesitance is the enemy, take a shot at it.
Just get down on this glass floor where heaven only knows.
We’re above all your worries left in the world down below.
Peered beyond the place in your dreams.
This isn’t the end.

The way I know your mind is deeper than you realize.
The only thing you planned on blowing was my mind.
Somehow we ended up dancing in the dark with the light against our backs.
No more words, there’s only moves to make.
Cut to the chase before life comes calling.
My train of thought is on your track, high-speed all the way.
Next stop lust for life, for darkness & light.

Can’t contain the fire spreading through her veins.
Are you gonna add me to your body count?
Thrill seeker, overdose on everything you say.
Thrill seeker, heart attack watching you move.

The way I know your body is beyond reason.
Make your body shake.
I just can’t leave you alone, I know this much is true.
Set your world ablaze.
Hooked on chasing after that look on your face.
Reveal the M.O. behind that look in your eyes.
When it’s said & done you’re all killer, no filler.
My lil thrill seeker.

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