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Learning French Again (Speaking In Tongues)

Once you gave me the green light, I couldn’t help but to push myself onto you
Not enough to crush you, but just enough to feel the weight of your crush
Upon first contact I knew that you wanted more,
and I didn’t want to hear from word of mouth what I could experience for myself

Its funny how the seconds turned to minutes
Dancing in our heads, that slow building rush created a head-trip situation
that I couldn’t quite shake
So I closed my eyes, but not my heart as I fell into you and your embrace
You’re welcome to come and go as you please, but I hope that you’ll stay for a while
Take your time, don’t lose your head unless that’s what you’re into

You might be the first
I might be the last
Although this was our first outing, I just had to show you how I felt
I’ll leave it up to you to take me in as you see fit
You know that I won’t say no to you
If the opportunity came I would, I could taste your passion all night
Am I being too forward?
I guess next time I won’t stop

Nothing could come between us while we embraced things that were ideas only moments ago
You want it all and I want it too
So we skipped a few steps as we got caught up in this back and forth call and response lip service
Swimming in our heads passion flows from you to me and back again
So tell me what you like
You don’t know what you’re in for as your lips meet mine
Maybe that was the point of this exercise

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Lay Low

Barely open eyes blur dreams with reality.
Don’t disturb my rest, let this ride rock me to sleep.
When will I be able to lay my head down without worry or somewhere to be?
I simply want to lay low under the influence of the moonlight.
I’d pay a pretty penny to find out why I can’t close up shop early without being called to action by my overactive consciousness?
I know that it’s not this place, its this space that I’m in inside my head that I’ve grown unfamiliar with.

I always fall for ideals, for people and for the same mistakes I’ve made before,
but lately I haven’t fallen asleep with company and that sense of peace that only a warm, wanting body brings.
Is it wrong to admit that I enjoy sleeping with women that I haven’t slept with?
I respect the innocence of the moment and trust in the intimacy of our unspoken intent.
Or maybe I just revel in not knowing how far we can go, either way I like it.

Exhaustion is to rest as obsession is to knowledge; too much of one thing can only be so go for so long before it brings you down.
Constant transition from one thing to the next keeps me in sync with that clock in my head that won’t stop ticking; ticking.
I seem to run just fine on E, but filling up on a little R&R wouldn’t kill me.
All I know is that I’ve been dying to show the world what I’m made of,
but maybe its time I gave it a rest and proved my worth to myself first, because it isn’t about what I do, it’s about how it’s done.
I’ll be on the next train to rock-a-bye baby any minute now, please don’t wake me up, let this ride rock me to sleep.
I simply want to lay low under the influence of the moonlight.
If you like you can come with me, just close your eyes and maybe I’ll see you on the other side.

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