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Quotes: Pay Attention

“The most basic way to get someone’s attention is this: Break a pattern.” ― Chip Heath, Made to Stick

“Tell me to what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.” – Jose Ortega

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” – Simone Weil

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” – Sir John Lubbock

“I’m not one of those people that goes into details of my personal life to get attention. Some things are better left unsaid.” – Mariah Carey

“If all you have to offer is a look that is supposed to be appealing, then you are going to be paid attention to for about a tenth as long as you would be if when you speak you are interesting.” – Julia Roberts

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Quote: I Am Listening

“On the contrary – I bury my head in the paper & hum a tune to myself because I AM listening to you.” – Pardon My Planet

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Last Words

The last word isn’t always the best.
Are you seeking answers or victories?
Sometimes desire & passion go off like fire & kerosene.
Some battles need not be won.
At the cost of causing irreconcilable pain, is “winning” really worth it?
Some shots aren’t worth taking.

Even if you didn’t cause the fallout, take some responsibility for your reactions.
Maybe this point doesn’t need to be proven.
People always need to touch a nerve.
Always got your finger on the pulse like the trigger of a gun.
A defense mechanism never gives way, so you cut through the lines of communication, deep like a surgeon.
Not saying it is for the other person, but there are some who just can’t let someone go.

It seems that little words have the same impact on us as the big ones.
Let it go.
Act on impulse & run with that without second thought.
Slow your roll.
Play the victim every time things don’t go your way.
Know your role.
Never do what you’re told without questioning it to death.
Let it out.
Ask the right questions baby.
I’m not asking you to change or give up, simply know when to stop.
Ride it out.

I’m just saying that there seems to be a trend.
Don’t get the wrong idea, try to think this through.
You can speak & still never be heard.
Baby, what are you saying?
Please try to listen, just hear me through.
When our hearts are unsure of their own worth, they sometimes lash out.
Pride is blind to how others feel until it’s all over.

The more I live, the less I see reasons to fight.
So much time is wasted & so many words are fired off like ammunition.
Baby put your weapon down.
This war has no victor, only regrets.
This plea comes from a place of love, not surrender.
Reckless behaviour doesn’t usually bring satisfaction or closure.
We bring it up just to put you down.
Simply because it’s so tempting, we can’t resist that overwhelming urge.
But baby I’m asking you to let it go.

Let it fall to the wayside, it’s not as important as the love between you & I.
Be patient & wait.
Just breathe & know that I’ll be there.

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The Tipping Point

If I care too much, does that make me reckless?
When I feel so strongly, does it make me weak?
My heart goes out to you wherever you are, like an S.O.S. or a shot in the dark, throwing caution to the wind.
Selfishly I’d take a bullet for you, all or nothing sacrifice.
I’ve died many times for you & that was before I ever fell for you.
You inspire me to be fearless & to speak not my mind, but my heart.

I don’t really know how to hide to from you, so I take in everything like a perceptive listener would.
Slow to answer, but quick to hear the way your tears & smiles form on the tip of your tongue, your teeth & your lips.
Such inflection is reflection of the echoing love you project through the words that you’ve chosen to leave me with.
The way you carefully play each word to the beat & hold them close to your heart is with the same reckless passion that I am willing to dive into this new depth with.
No matter the hour your voice carries me to another place where love is not a question, but simply the answer to everything.

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