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Lust Is Not Lost


We are reflections of what we want.
Night and day spent running to and from our own desires.
We are not who we think we are, we are who we become.
Innocence is an act when your eyes are on me.
Awaken the love drunk animals craving union.

There’s no reason to be afraid of this delicious obsession.
I like to watch your figure in action claiming satisfaction.
We’ve got inhibitions to lose as we lust and thrust.
Baptized in our dangerous appetite, we indulge in the things we shouldn’t.
Decisions, decisions, there are so many ways to make you moan.

Pleasure is a prison we can’t escape by design.
Days go by when you take me under.
Melody making body to body until the Sun comes for us.
Dirty dancing until we’re half off the bed.
Your wild ways keep me in a trance.

Keep your eyes on me as I explore your peaks and valleys.
Your luscious lips feel nothing short of amazing.
Let me trace your exquisite taste with the tip of my tongue.
Don’t look at the time when you’re mine.
Ride my body till the end of the line.

There’s something deeper happening beneath these sheets.
Surrender to the experience, chanting names while holding the sublime.
No separation until our souls transcend this room.
Every motion is a miracle merging us with the stars.
Heaven’s pouring down, overflowing until we drown.

Lust is not lost on us.

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Overwhelmed (By Our Own Design)


Your sweet frustration tastes like strawberries & honey.

We live or die by our own design
Look at us right now

Crossing the line
We’re hard to define
Intertwined stories coming together as we please, creating true fiction from our friction
We’re not ruled by what we know
We’re married to the night as though it’ll never end
This special quality keeps us connected, distance be damned

No end in sight with you before me
Wanting more only comes naturally

This right here is no illusion
Show me what I’ve been missing
There’s no promise in expectations, only actions
You want to go another round, come in closer
The closer I am, the closer you’ll be to ecstasy
A stroke of beauty cascading through your every motion

Swimming in a sea of time
Swept up in everything, but our surroundings

I know you’ve been waiting to be taken until you can no longer speak
Such voluptuous emotions need time to breathe
Our lips keep starting fires that won’t retire every time we make contact
Had to uncover that perfect insanity that you’ve been craving
Your sweet frustration tastes like strawberries & honey

Devoured by devotion, intimacy exposes our souls seeking release
This passion alters our consciousness

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Apodyopsis (What If We)

Apodyopsis: The act of mentally undressing someone.

Apodyopsis: The act of mentally undressing someone.

*Disclaimer: Ladies, you might want to have a mop or toy next to you before you begin reading this. I’ve already had 1 accident reported to me.*

With just one touch thoughts soak right through
Baby your legs give you away, so stay right here with me
Your eyes light up like I set off a flare
Leading me closer to you
I’m not here to save you, I’ll drown you in your desires
Over & over again

I can’t help it when your breath escapes
I’ll take it & give it back to you slowly, kiss by kiss in all the right places
I’ll say the words to make your whole body blush
You can’t hide it even when you’re undercover
You’re most real when you’re exposed wide open
So I’ll settle for more of less as you drop that dress
What if we live in the moment?

When you look at me that way I just have to get a taste
You are the start of something new as my tool works deep inside of you
It feels like you want me to get to you in ways that you can’t explain
Got to peek behind the curtains to see what you’re all about
Everything’s better when it comes out of your mouth
Tell me which way to go while your mind gets wetter
Thrust my life into your world
Draw me a blueprint with your fingertips while my hands are wrapped around your hips

I’m no stranger to the things you do in this city that never sleeps
It hurts so good to know you like I do
Tell me what you want, give me what I need
Can’t keep you still no matter which way we hold on
Always moving around, never where you were before
We’ve gotta break through your swollen silence
Until we end, there is no reason for the day to begin
What if we never stop?

With you nothing’s impossible, because I’m possible
Look at what you made me do
Night light kisses & skin to skin window displays
You run off of our electricity, so turn me on
I’m built for endurance, so ride it out
Passion pouring out after every sign we follow
Covered in a feeling we can’t escape tonight
The best part is coming down
Over & over again

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The unspoken & undeniable truth is that I’ve been sleeping with you every night.
You in your bed & me in mine.
Or rather me in my bed & you resting in my head.
The best laid plans take place at night when I can kill the lights & whisper in your ear.
It can’t be avoided, you pull me in like a blackhole, so I figured it was about time I pulled you in with me.
Rejection by silence is not an option, let me know what you like while I take you under.

Your body is a sleek instrument, let me fine tune it until you’re ready to play.
Let me know which strings to pick & I’ll hit every note.
We are what life sounds like, I love to hear the sounds we make.
Let it out, sing for me.
Nothing should be unspoken while you’ve got a captivated audience.
My mind is on fire with this latest sensation.
Now is the time to make your mind flow while you let your body go.
Without you life would be a mistake, so let’s do this right.

Love me in ways you’ve never dared before.
Show me the way seasons change inside you.
Reaching this climax isn’t our final destination, we’re reaching for the places that no one could ever go.
There’s more to explore, don’t ignore your primal urges.
Share my frame of mind & take heart as I take hold of you.
I can’t dream without your love.
I had a dream & I fear that’s all it will ever be while I’m lying here pretending that you’re closer than you are.
I swear I heard you whispering, I need to feel you close to me.
When I lie this time, I’ll find you resting your head in my bed.
Let’s make this unspoken & undeniable dream come true.

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In The Mood For You

I’m in the mood for you.
I feel the way you move.
You look like you know just what to do.
And everything you do just feels so right.
It can’t get any better.

I’m in the mood for you.
I see just what you’re saying so clearly.
You hear my every desire without a single word being said.
And nothing feels quite the same.
It only gets better.

I’m in the mood for you.
It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you.
You never give me what I want, because you know just what I need.
You always come around when I need you.
And when you’re gone I need you more than before.

I’m in the mood for you now, what more do you want?

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