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WTF: Lottery Winner Claims Prize 6 Years After Hitting the Jackpot

My love don't cost a thing.

My love don’t cost a thing.

Andy Ashkar, a 34-year-old man from central New York, won a $5 million state lottery prize 6 years ago but waited to claim it until he was sure his fiancee married him for love.

Ashkar purchased a scratch-off ticket from his parents’ convenience store in 2006 and now says he will share the prize money with his brother.

Tickets for scratch-off games expire 1 year after a game is retired. Ashkar’s game had been retired last March and he claimed his ticket just 11 days before the prize was to expire.

Speaking of her husband’s winnings, Ashkar’s wife said “It’s crazy. Hard to believe. It’s still sinking in.”

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WTF: Man Holds Himself Hostage

Man Holds Himself Hostage (Demands Pizza & Paris Hilton)

Would you like a side of Paris with your pizza?

Fredrick Denney, 61, barricaded himself into a hotel room at Hampton Inn in Belmont, North Carolina, and threatened to shoot cops unless he was given pizza and Paris Hilton’s hand in marriage. Come on, don’t act like you haven’t considered doing that for a slice of Paris & some good pizza. Several agencies, including the Regional SWAT Team, responded to the incident.

After the breakdown in talks, authorities busted in and took Denney down using pepper spray. Denney was thrown into handcuffs, and taken into custody.

Fine food & women are all he really needs.

Denney was also taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation (because of his bad taste in women) & the trouble he caused. Authorities told WCNC that Denney, who is from Oregon, has had several run-ins with SWAT Teams in other states. How is he even allowed to walk around in public?

His bond was set at $90,000.  He’s now facing several charges including being “intoxicated and disorderly”, among other things.

It has been confirmed that Paris Hilton was not aware of Denney’s demands. No word on whether he ever got his pizza (before or after being thrown in his cell).

My pizza brings all the boys to the yard. Mmm, that’s hot.

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The Ring



The other day I saw this little Diddy as someone’s profile picture.

Now I get where it’s coming from. From the standpoint of a committed relationship, sure you should wait until you “put a ring on it” to enjoy sex with your life partner. Now this picture could be making a declaration about fluid-bonded partners feeling safer once they’re married, but I’ll simply assume that it’s focusing on the assurance that comes with knowing that you’re married to the person you’re bringing (protected) satisfaction to.

If you like it be sure to put a ring on it.

If you like it be sure to put a ring on it.

I messaged this newly married person & said to her, “Funny, I was gonna say the safest thing to wear is a condom, but a wedding ring works too.”

She laughed.

Whether you’re married or not, make sure that you’re playing safe & wrap it up. Make sure you get checked out together at a clinic.

Rings show the world that you love each other, protection shows each other that you care about one another.

So many choices, this could be fun!

So many choices, this could be fun!

I’m not against going in raw or unprotected, just be prepared and don’t fool yourself into thinking that a ring will solve everything.

Have fun & be safe kids. Now go make me some God Children… Or not.

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WTF: White-Power Forever!

I am in full support of this White-Power gathering! There I said it.

White-Power has never looked better!

The White-Power wedding will be sure to leave a few ivory cone-heads looking whiter than Casper.

I just want to hear the Minister say, “I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. White-Power.”
And I want to see the look on the faces of the extremely bewildered bigots who wander into the reception.

God bless their White-Power babies, and give them the power to make every Teacher who calls their names during morning attendance to think they’re being punk’d.

Let’s raise our glasses in celebration of this pure White-Power love.


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Why You’ll Never Marry Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend | Naked With Socks On

I won’t even lie, I got inspired for this campaign after rereading Rastaman’s post from the other day (we need more guest posts, brother **hint, hint, nudge, nudge**). As I enter the wife-looking stage of my life, girls need not apply, I need a lady friend. Yeah, I like the sound of that. I know some (cough, Da ThRONe) may say titles are nothing but words, which I agree with, but different words give off different energy.

I’d like to believe that if I call the woman by my side my lady as opposed to my girl, it will make her feel better about herself and how I view her. The term “lady” holds a certain connotation and esteem that “girl” just doesn’t capture.


Read the rest below:

Why You’ll Never Marry Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend | Naked With Socks On.

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