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Faded Father

“In Your Shadow I Can Shine” by Paperdol

I never knew you & not sure if I want to.
Learning about you just might change everything.
But that’s not my fear, it’s “what if nothing changes at all?”
I can face my fears, but I’m done with disappointment.
Let downs are like put downs, it’s just that you’re not around to actually deliver the blows.
What little I know of you might just be fiction.
Memories fade & restoring them takes so much out of me.
I’m nothing like you & yet I’m stuck in your skin.
You made me, aren’t you proud?
No, I’m my own creation.
You had little to nothing to do with who I am now.
Some dreams are right & some dreams are so wrong.
Four out of twenty seven isn’t enough to dilute or dissuade me.
I used to wonder about nature versus nurture everytime I looked at my reflection.
I no longer do those things.
My mind & my DNA have changed without exposure to your ways.
I’ve built up an immunity to your shadow & the way it hangs over me.
It all comes down to who I want to be, I can see that clearly now.
I am not you, I am me.

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The Man of Modern Myth

These are just words & I am just a man.
Taken at face value we’re exactly the same.
Words need substance, I need context & what defines us always remains the same.
Actions give purpose, purpose gives reason & reasons give rise to certainty.
I am legend under the right light because perception dictates what dreams may come.
Delivering lines as though someone yelled “action”, I’m under the lens like this was my full-time job.
Does what I do really matter in the end?
What if each move was rehearsed & choreographed in my mind’s theater?
I’ve got to be perfect, every interaction is an interview.
Every action is noteworthy, so I can’t leave mistakes on my record because that becomes a part of my history.
History is but a modern myth that we’ve decided as fact.
Will you remember me or just the words which were left behind?
Which will be fiction & which will fact?

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Quotes: Noir

“I have to find myself in the darkness.
Or rather I have to find the darkness within me.” – Kirika Yuumura

“A wounded beast only sees its own pain.” – Mireille Bouquet

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Below The Line

Sometimes when I feel lonely
I start wasting time living below the line
And that’s fine until I need somebody to be there in the morning
Who knows what may come
But I know that I’m not done
Trying to get a glimpse of you
But I don’t know where to find you these days
So I hold onto anyone who treats me like you would
When you’re so close, the distance shouldn’t bother me

Don’t you know anybody with half a heart
And half a mind to stay by my side
Tonight & every night

What do I do when she looks like you
And feels just like you
Should I take what I can get?
Living below the waistline
It’s not the best, but it gives me rest
So I guess the big question is
Will I settle for the rest or wait for you to do what’s best?
Forget the distance, when I just want to be with you

Don’t you know anybody with half a heart (You’ve got the other half)
And half a mind to stay by my side (You’re still on my mind)
Tonight & every night

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Quote: Moments

“Life is made up of moments. Look for the moments you’ll never forget.” – Benedito De Oliva Domingos

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