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Slicker Than Your Average (Smooth Criminals)

What kind of person can attain diplomatic immunity in EVERY situation? What kind of person is untouchable and slicker than oil? And no, I’m not referring to the dude responsible for Wikileaks.

People Who Get Away with Saying Anything:

  • Scientists
    • By using lines like, “It’s for SCIENCE!” or “By our approximation _______ should happen around such and such time.” they can get away with countless gaffes.
  • Psychologists
    • They wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. They are trying to help you, so help them help you.

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Marathon Conversations (AKA Can’t Get Enough Of You)

“I’ve wanted to talk to you all day..”

“Well now’s your chance love..”

This is how conversations usually start with my latest and greatest date. Day and night we feel the need to talk and text about anything and everything, it starts with “big” things like past relationships and ends with random “little” things like our favourite childhood cartoons. So far we haven’t run out of things to talk about so we just keep going into the wee early hours of the morning. I don’t sleep much anyway so I don’t mind listening to her thoughts as they run off with her and me in tow.
At some point I always say, as if on cue,

“I should let you go..”

“But I can tell that you don’t want to…Cus this is the song that goes on and on my friend.”, She says.

Which sparks such a reaction in me that I say, “Did you just Lamb Chop me girl?”

Which causes both of us to laugh uncontrollably until she says,

“Wow! You actually got that (reference)?”

It’s moments like that, that keep things interesting. We connect on different levels, sometimes because of our similarities and at other times because of our very different views which bring their own education. It feels good to know that someone wants to not only get to know me, but at the same time let me in on what they’re about. I really appreciate the level of openness that we have during our chats. We’ve covered just about every aspect of life with a certain sense of intimacy and playfulness that inspires laughter and thought-provoking pauses in the both of us.

Towards the end of our conversations we check our phones and realize that we’ve been going at it for anywhere from 2 to 4 hours (and that’s not including the times when we’re texting each other on BBM aka Blackberry Messenger).

Earlier this week we watched a movie together, although she was in her bed and I was home in mine. We wanted to watch this film together side by side obviously, but I got her a copy of the movie and we played along on our DVD Players. The funny thing about this experience is that our movies were COMPLETELY in sync as we watched. There were no countdowns or prompting and yet I could hear line for line what was happening on my screen happening on her side without missing a single beat. We watched a movie that was not the kind of film that I’d show to anyone, but her excitement and anticipation for this experience made watching this movie again feel brand new.

Hopefully she won’t kill me for saying this, but we seem to have developed nicknames for each other and I started calling her “Tenderoni” a la Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney. Yes, I was listening to Kevin McHale’s (aka Artie from Glee) cover of P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) and a certain word caught my attention and made me think of her. I explained what her nickname meant last night and to my disbelief she didn’t know this early gem of a song, so I sang it to her at 1 something in the morning.

When was the last time you had a never-ending conversation (aka marathon conversation)?

What do you like about having long conversations?

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Positive Association

Have you ever liked something or someone, not for what they are, but because of the moment that you encountered them in?

My friend Emily likes Dubstep, a growing genre trend in music, but she likes it because she used to make out with her boyfriend to it. That is a “positive association”.

Positive associations can also be embodied by people. We all have a loved one, that we can’t help but to smile at when we see them because we always think back to that “moment”. Having positive people in your life is a blessing no doubt, but is it that particular moment that you hold on to, or is it that person?

Do you remember the time (Michael Jackson reference) you fell in love with someone or something?

Do you still associate something that you enjoy with an event from the past?

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John Travolta to guest star on ‘Glee’?

Promoting "Staying Alive" in Sweden

Image via Wikipedia

John Travolta guest-starring on ‘Glee’ sounds like a no-brainer. Given his musical tendencies, he seems like an obvious choice! When ET sat down with him, they asked if he’d consider appearing on the hit FOX show.

He reveals to ET that he has been approached by the hit show, “They’ve asked. … But I don’t know. When I do musicals I train for six to nine months sometimes a year in preparation. A show like that is an on-demand thing and I really have a criteria and pride. … I would wanna knock em’ dead, and I don’t think I can knock ‘em dead in a week.”

I think he would be awesome on ‘Glee’! I’m not a huge JT fan, but it would certainly make for good TV! In other ‘Glee’ news – it was recently announced that Gwyneth Paltrow will be back in a special post-Super Bowl episode ‘Thriller’ on February 6 on Fox! EW has more details:

EW was exclusively on the set of Glee’s Super Bowl episode, in which the New Directions perform an epic mash-up of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Heads Will Roll.” During filming of the episode, which will air Feb. 6, the McKinley High glee club decked themselves out in full zombie makeup — and performed even when a flu spread throughout the set. “We’re making it our own,” Cory Monteith tells EW. “This is up there with the Rocky Horror, Madonna, and Britney episodes, because there’s so much production going into itm”

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