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Red Gold

The only piece of you I had left I wore around my neck.
At first it was my fingers that wore you with pride.
I loved you even though I knew that I shouldn’t.
But your memory wasn’t all that it was made out to be.
I outgrew you & threw you over my solid gold chain when you had no right to be worn along with a gift my mother had given me.
Why’d I even bother to carry you around?

Never cleaned you off.
So red instead of pure gold.
Tainted purity around my neck.
Naturally, time left your stain on my heart.
I put you out there for all to see unknowingly.
I never knew that a memory could hold somebody hostage.

I took in the most that I could.
One day the burden I carried finally broke down & fell to the ground while I was losing my cool.
I could have fixed this once again, but I realized that I don’t want to be fixed, I want to be understood.
So I sold my red gold weight & made my way through life.
Any sign of you was nothing more than skin deep.
The show’s over, I’m doing better alone.

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