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Fill The Empty

We'll find ways to fill the empty.

We’ll find ways to fill the empty.

You came, because you want me alone.
Desire showed you my face.
Still, attraction brings us closer than any steps we’ve taken.
Quiet, I can hear everything you wish I’d say.
Only promises made in silence can last.
We’ll find ways to fill the empty.

Words don’t stand a chance against our lips.

You’re not a secret anymore.
I’ve been searching for threads of you in my very fabric.
Your ways layered over my history & made me feel anew.
You’ll feel in new ways as long as you’re in my possession.
Show me how you move & I’ll show you who you are.

Words don’t stand a chance between our bodies.

Our long lost love starved tendencies crossed over parallel lines to redefine where we fit in.
While the world keeps moving, we stopped to see each other, deeply.
With our lips pressed upon destiny, we found peace in this moment & the next.
We can do whatever we want, as long as we have the heart.

We’ll find ways to fill the empty.

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In The Moment


Do you know what I mean, even when I can’t find the right words?

There are these rare moments when I feel as though the instant I try to put something into words, it somehow loses some of its meaning. It’s as if the word I’ve found isn’t quite as good as I wanted it to be. And I hate to settle on something unsure & unstable in its meaning. But I guess that’s the thing about words, just about every word has more than one meaning, so it doesn’t feel quite as real or definitive.

Sometimes I just have to put my limited vocabulary aside & simply bask in the moment I’ve become a part of somehow. No labels, no words, just a feeling that eludes description.

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Quotes: Moments

“Big moment are not decided by chances, they’re decided by how you handle them. How you handle change is important.”

“Make simplicity an obsession. Focus on the few things that matter.”

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Dreams Made In Silence (Pt. 1)

You’ve got a dream resting on your shoulder.
So you better hold on.
Some moments are made in silence.
Peace of mind shouldn’t be hard to find in a time such as this.
Something so beautiful.
Something so simple.

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Quote: Moments

“Life is made up of moments. Look for the moments you’ll never forget.” – Benedito De Oliva Domingos

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