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These walls were never meant to last

These walls keep me safe
I know what to expect
Outside I am vulnerable

These walls make me blind
I don’t know how I feel inside
Rearrange my expectations

Love can hurt sometimes
Show me a better world
All this unfinished business has to end

Kiss me out of my mind
Show me a better love
Step by step until no walls remain

Love is on the other side
There’s a world inside you
Let it out until every brick crumbles

Look around but not down
These walls were never meant to last
I’ll see you on the other side

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Quote: Journey


Seems fitting on a day like today, when I can read this with a smile on my face. I am enjoying the challenge and look forward to new experiences.


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Quote: You Are The Only You


This is the reason I still write.

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Take Me Away


We’ll go where your dreams live…

I don’t want to wait.
Slow and steady’s never ready.
I don’t want to look back.

You make me feel something I want to explore.

Build me up with your touch.
Give me life when our world is empty.
Let your beauty breathe truth while time and space waste away.

I want to be where you are.

Let’s find a place where the Sun shines on your face.
We’ll go where your dreams live.
Don’t walk, run.

Take me away.

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