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Coming Through

I can see tomorrow from over here.

I can see tomorrow from over here.

I’m coming through
What you trying to do?
Say what you want
Do as you like
But you can’t stop me
So step aside, I’m coming through
Here I go

Nothing can stop me now
You better turn around
I’ll go there with or without you
There’s no room to fall, so hold on tight
I can see tomorrow from over here
I’m looking forward to what I’ll find
I want to see it all
There’s no way I’m coming down
Nothing can stop me now

I’m coming through
What are you going to do?
Step aside or follow through
Either way you’ll see what I’m about to do
Let’s see how far I can go
I’m coming
I’m coming through

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The New Deep

Out from the Deep

Is this the new deep or just the new desperation?
I know that you would have done all of this in a day, meanwhile I’m still struggling to find my way.
I took too long although I can’t take this much longer.
So I turn my attention to the little things and do what I can for now.
These off white walls are just fine by me.
They, like me just need a touch up to bring everything back to life.
I’m done with darkness, no more black mirrors or states of mind.
All is well on the other side.

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The Last Strands of Light

Passions are passing and feelings have faded.
I gave you time to clear your mind in hopes that when you got back to me, you’d be sure about what we could be.
I get quiet around you because I can’t contain all that I feel and still remain blind to the things that you chose to do.
I don’t want fair, I want someone that’s there.
Should we have stopped this train when you let him get on and get close to you while I was out of sight?
I’ve never been one to accuse or assume, I gave you a chance to let it all out.
On your own you entertained your wants and curiosities, so what reason would I have to stay and wait for play time to end?

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