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Being shallow ends when something deep means more...

Being shallow ends when something deep means more…

Remnants of a love you knew cascades across the ocean floor
Shadows of the heart sink to the bottom
Don’t let all that wreckage drag you down
The past is an anchor when the future’s not around to give direction to a heart that’s lost at sea
Spread out amongst the many waves
Drifting away at a steady pace
There is trouble in these waters

Time washes away more & more memories
Carried away effortlessly into the middle of nowhere
Being shallow ends when the deep wants more
And suddenly you’re in over your head
Washed over by the sea, where a pool once used to be
What are you holding your breath for?

All the little ripples become whirlpools when you don’t know what you’re in for
Against the rising tides its hard to hear you anymore
Affection is not attraction, that’s why there’s no sense of direction when we’re not close
The crashing waves make our weaknesses seem so unending
Not hiding it, only reinforcing our vast differences beneath the depths
Being strong means knowing when to not fight anymore & not trying to control it all
You take what you can get, because it doesn’t come around as often as it should
Wait it out until an opening presents itself to come up for air

A single breath was taken
Filling you with dreams once more
Your heart beats steady after finding somewhere to swim towards
Nothing’s in your way, unless you let it be
Let life catch up to you
Make peace with that shell made out of old ways before it weighs you down
Your crucible tests you to the core of your being
You won’t be the same as you were before
No one found peace in fear
You will see the world differently
Being shallow ends when something deep means more
Send your heart out as though it were a message in a bottle
An S.O.S. for a lonely & hopeful soul
In time you will find your way

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Kingdom Come (Give It A Rest)

I can’t dream after 1, 2, 3 again
Cus your mind starts racing where mine begins to end
Question everything before anything has time to breathe
Can’t close our eyes peacefully tonight
Give it a rest

360 degrees of separation comes together when we stop & stare
You know where I’ve been, in my head wrapped up in my bed
Trying to fill in all the holes in my life with dreams that barely begin until kingdom come

You had a different plan
Kept me up until Apollo shone down another day
Sun, give us what we lack
Silence the buttons that we press so frequently, so that we may rest our heads
Leave the questions for later as we learn to dream again
Black nights’ caress save us from the white lies that fill our heads over time
Counting dreams builds hope within
Cease all that ringing while time tries to mend & make me a better man

Give it a rest
Learn to breathe
Not everything is sink or swim
Even now or never needs to exhale every now & again
Close your eyes
Let Hypnos & Morpheus do their work while we fall into our pillows once more
Close your eyes until kingdom come in the morning

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The Man of Modern Myth

These are just words & I am just a man.
Taken at face value we’re exactly the same.
Words need substance, I need context & what defines us always remains the same.
Actions give purpose, purpose gives reason & reasons give rise to certainty.
I am legend under the right light because perception dictates what dreams may come.
Delivering lines as though someone yelled “action”, I’m under the lens like this was my full-time job.
Does what I do really matter in the end?
What if each move was rehearsed & choreographed in my mind’s theater?
I’ve got to be perfect, every interaction is an interview.
Every action is noteworthy, so I can’t leave mistakes on my record because that becomes a part of my history.
History is but a modern myth that we’ve decided as fact.
Will you remember me or just the words which were left behind?
Which will be fiction & which will fact?

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Baubo: Liberated Woman

I like the story of Baubo a lot. I think of her as a human or a Demi-God of Greek mythos.

Greek Goddess of Mirth

Who is this mystery woman? She is Baubo, a fun-loving, bawdy, jesting, sexually liberated—yet very wise—goddess who plays a crucial, healing role in the Eleusian mysteries of ancient Greece.

She remains a much-honored figure today among many women—celebrated as a positive force of female sexuality and the healing power of laughter. Her power and energy have survived in the spirits of women down through the centuries.

Because of the scarcity of written references—and the contradictory nature of the writings that we do have—she is a mysterious figure in many ways.

Much of the mystery surrounding the Baubo arises from literary connections between her name and the names of other goddesses. Baubo is sometimes referred to as the goddess Iambe, the daughter of Pan and Echo described in the legends of Homer.
To avoid confusion, we shall refer to her simply as Baubo.

This brings us to the story in which Baubo and Demeter met up, as told in the Eleusian mysteries. Baubo is best known from this story, where she appears as a middle-aged servant to King Celeus of Eleusis.

According to the myths, Demeter was wandering the Earth in deep mourning over the loss of her beloved daughter, Persephone, who had been abducted by Hades, the god of the underworld. Abandoning her goddess duties of bringing fertility to the land, she took refuge in the city of Eleusis. The disheartened goddess, disguised as an old woman, was welcomed into the home of the king.

Everyone in the king’s household tried to console and lift the spirits of the severely depressed woman, but to no avail—until Baubo showed up. The two women started chatting, with Baubo making a numerous humorous risqué remarks. Demeter began to smile. Then, Baubo suddenly lifted her skirt in front of Demeter.

Different versions of this tale provide very different images of what Demeter saw under Baubo’s skirt, but whatever she saw, it finally lifted her out of her depression. She responded by laughing hysterically and the winters turned to spring!

Ultimately, with her spirits and confidence restored, Demeter persuaded Zeus to command Hades to release Persephone. So, thanks to the lewd antics of Baubo, all was once again right in the world.

I like Baubo & women like her who have quick wit & a healthy sense of humour. What can I say, I find witty women sexy.

“This has been very educational.” – Kentaro Oe (Golden Boy)

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