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We didn’t get lost in the garden, we got lost in ourselves.

What if I told you that Eden never ends.
This is just another beginning.
We’ve done this before, we just forgot how we got here.
Think about it.

This is the new me & the new you standing before a reflection of who we were.
The times have changed, but the landscape is still exactly the same.
We’ve found paradise, because we never left at all.
Eden never changed, it was us.
We climbed too far, too fast & we fell harder than we thought possible.
We thought, we hungered for things that were beyond out reach.
Our lust for life is as limitless as the stars that blanket us at night.
Hope is found in the darkness & we’ve seen plenty of that.
But our love for each other is so bottomless & never-ending that we don’t know how to live without one another.
Your existence gives me hope.

I need you to understand.

I don’t think you grasp what I just said.
I need you so that I can understand what lies before me.
I know where we’ve been, but I need you to guide me with more than these eyes have seen.
We didn’t get lost in the garden, we got lost in ourselves.
So let me help you grow into something beautiful.
And then we can find hope in each other.
And we can begin anew.

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