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WTF: News is Too School for Cool

I’ll give you a sticker if you can point out the irony in this picture.

Stay in school kids.


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Your Weekend Forecast

That sounds accurate. I better dress accordingly.

That sounds accurate. I better dress accordingly.

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He Might Just Be The Right Man For The Job

Delroy Simmonds

In Brooklyn, New York, Delroy Simmonds, 30, selflessly jumped in front of a subway train to save a 9-month-old baby boy who was blown onto the tracks by a gust of wind.

Simmonds was going to a job interview when he saw the baby had fallen on the tracks while still being strapped into the stroller. He quickly jumped down and pulled the baby up to the platform just as the train was heading towards them.

The train was able to stop a few feet from where the baby fell. The baby suffered cuts to his head and will be fine. The baby’s parents called Simmonds a hero.

Simmonds hopes the family will be all right, now that he has been hired for the job. Simmonds, who was laid off over a year ago from a job helping kids with learning disabilities, landed a gig as a project employee doing maintenance at ABM Janitorial Services at Kennedy Airport. His new boss said that Simmonds will have the opportunity to become a supervisor given his qualifications and experience.

“What he did to save that baby, it just shows character. He didn’t hesitate. He’s got a very good attitude.” —The guy who hired subway hero Delroy Simmonds today for a job as a maintenance worker at JFK airport, where he’ll earn $9.50 an hour.

Delroy Simmonds sitting alongside Daniel Zamara & his Mother.

“That’s the little man that got me a job today,” Simmonds said with a smile at 9-month-old Daniel Zamara as he walked into his room at Brookdale Hospital today.

“It feels amazing. Just seeing him alive,” said Simmonds. “It’s a miracle.”

“A lot of people at the hospital said ‘thank you’ and ‘congratulations’ and ‘good job’,” said Simmonds. “It’s good to see that it was a life saved instead of a life lost. It makes me feel good. Everyone told me congrats on getting the job too.”

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WTF: Somebody’s In Trouble

Have you looked at yourself lately, Sir?
You’re gonna be famous….but probably for all of the WRONG reasons.
Hide your kids, hide your wife!

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KFC & The Double Down Double Standard

KFC's Backside Marketing

Bunless Sandwich Sold on the Buns of Girls

For about 2 weeks now my nephew has been talking about KFC‘s “Double Down“, a breadless sandwich: two oversized chicken patties between which lie two bacon strips, two cheese slices, and “special” sauce that’s anything but.

The photo above was in the 24 Hours Newspaper on the Day the Bunless Wonder showed up on University Campuses in the U.S. through the use of cute girls with the words “Double Down” on their butts.

*Clap Clap Clap* KFC sure knows how to market to the masses, if putting “Double Down” on the cute buns of hot girls doesn’t get guys to try this “bunless” destroyer, what will?
Human Advertisment has it’s price, it was reported by “USA Today” that the girls are paid $500 each to hand out coupons while wearing the red pants.
The National Organization for Women president Terry O’Neill told the newspaper the campaign is “obnoxious.”

KFC’s Double Down will kill you someday.
“Don’t just feed your hunger, crush it,” an ad for the sandwich on the U.S. KFC website says. “So much chicken there wasn’t room for the bun.”

The sandwich contains 540 calories, which the company says is similar to the calories found in burgers at other fast food restaurants. It contains as many calories as a McDonald’s Big Mac in Canada. Burger King’s Whopper has 670 calories, a Wendy’s single old fashioned hamburger has 470 calories and a Harvey’s original hamburger has 380 calories. The less said about it, the better. Thankfully this thing isn’t in Canada….yet.

I just have to ask, “Would you like a Heart Attack with that Double Down Sir/Mam?”

Read more: Globe & Mail – Forget healthy – KFC’s Double Down revels in glorious gluttony

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