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Only What We Want


Our eyes devour that which our lips yearn to discover.

We see only what we want.
Our eyes devour that which our lips yearn to discover.
I see the sounds you make as my hunger swallows your body.
Let me feed your appetite for dynamite.

Take it out, let it in.

Your bad thoughts undress me.
You know I get excited when you talk like that.
Tempt me from night until day with your kiss.
Leave your mark on me.

My body burns for you.

This lust has been lingering within without apology.
Your taste fills my head until I can’t think at all.
We’ll drown in waves of pleasure until you become the ocean.
Come with me.

Feel this moment.

I’ve heard the truth in your whisper.
Melodic moans set us free.
To be blind with passion is clarity.
We see only what we want, and I want you.

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Anything That Loves


Because nothing would be better...

Anything that loves is alive for a reason.
Profound epiphany fills our bones when our hearts are within reach.

Anything that loves gives and takes life.
Every breath with you fills the empty with something absolute.

Anything that loves has found safety through risking pain.
Underneath it all falling apart is part of the process.

Anything that loves soothes your pain when you let it fall in.
Let me set you free, no matter the space or time.

Anything that loves believes that beneath our persona there’s nothing quite like you and I.
Give me permission to take you without a word.

Anything that loves is in search of you;
Because your existence makes anything possible.

Anything that loves wants nothing more;
Because nothing would be better.

Anything that loves you can’t help it.

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Quote: Repetition


“You do best what you do most.” – Anonymous

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Quote: Exploration Through Writing


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Quote: Writer’s Delight


That’s not to say that Writers are not social creatures, but it’s true that I come alive when I am alone with my thoughts for a while.


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