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Take Me

Being in your arms reminds me of the sweetness of Summer.
This is why I come alive when you come around.

At night the light I see in your eyes keeps my troubles at bay.
All the things we say & do because we have each other.

Being “yours” means more than silver or gold.
So give me the gift of your warmth when you come around.

Love is a revelation, not a tragedy.

The better angels of our nature rise to the top when we’re together.
Take me by the hand with every word you live & breathe.

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Ready To Know

Age has never made me wise.

Age has never made me wise.

I hear your voice, I come alive
Feels like waking up in a dream
Make believe reality running through my veins
Will you return to me, or am I the only one living in this fantasy?

Time forgets where I’ve been when I’m with you
Your beauty keeps on getting in the way
When you’re gone my mind wonders
Did you mean to give me a reason to believe?

Am I where you go to be free?
I’m ready to know

Show me how you love
Live beyond your own skin
Look me in the eye, look at what you’ve done
There’s a million places, but only one is where I am when your gaze sets me free

Age has never made me wise
My heart is not up for debate
Do you feel the same way too?
It’s so simple, you’re where I want to belong

Am I where you go to be free?
I’m ready to know

Alone is more than enough, when it’s with you
Ask me to stay with your hand in mine
I won’t go, if you show me how you love

Am I where you go to be free?
I’m ready to know

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In The Moment


Do you know what I mean, even when I can’t find the right words?

There are these rare moments when I feel as though the instant I try to put something into words, it somehow loses some of its meaning. It’s as if the word I’ve found isn’t quite as good as I wanted it to be. And I hate to settle on something unsure & unstable in its meaning. But I guess that’s the thing about words, just about every word has more than one meaning, so it doesn’t feel quite as real or definitive.

Sometimes I just have to put my limited vocabulary aside & simply bask in the moment I’ve become a part of somehow. No labels, no words, just a feeling that eludes description.

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Quote: Always Changing

Sun red, sky blue.

Always different, yet always perfect.

“Like the sky that’s always changing, I am different every day & yet I am still me. ” – Rin

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Quote: History Repeats

History repeats itself.

History repeats itself.

Touched hearts with touch hearts,
Hurt people will hurt people,
and open minds will open minds.

It’s just that simple.

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