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Quote: Last Words

“Sometimes I think that we waste our words & we waste our moments & we don’t take the time to say the things that are in our hearts when we have the chance.” -Clay (One Tree Hill)

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Oh how we’ve fallen.
Down low, beyond the ground we walk on.
Blocking out everything we just aren’t ready for.
The price is too high and I don’t know why.
The man in me keeps on walking out.
Leaving you behind.

Trying to find something to wash you from the walls of my mind.
But I still see you daily.
Your voice still calls my name.
You’ve left me with no one to blame & nothing’s ever been the same.

All the risks I would’ve taken seem so daunting now.
I’m not invincible and I’m not ready to fall apart.
So forgive future, I can’t see you now.
So close and yet I never knew.
Look how far I’ve gone without you.
I didn’t know, I didn’t remember.
You were mine & I walked away.
Blank as a slate, because I couldn’t face it all.

Mountains ain’t made out of clay & I just can’t walk away.
No not this time, not knowing what I know now.
You are mine, I left you behind.
How foolish of me, how could I not see?
You were waiting for me.
And I was falling too fast to see.
I’m sorry son, I never took the time to hold you.
I’m sorry love, I lost heart when I lost you.
And I’m sorry now, I only hope that I can be there for you.

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Jana Kramer – I Won’t Give Up

The 27-year-old actress, Jana Rae Kramer of One Tree Hill fame debuted her first single, “I Won’t Give Up,” on the show’s Feb. 8 episode, “Holding Out for a Hero” after signing a deal with Warner Music Nashville. The Michigan-born and now Nashville-based country siren is on the list of up-and-coming artists to be showcased on OTH, from Bethany Joy Galeotti, Wakey!Wakey! to Kate Voegele.

“‘I Won’t Give Up’ is about never giving up on the ones you love,” says Kramer.

Honestly I developed a serious crush on Jana over Season 7 and especially 8 and am glad that her earnest singing talent was given a chance to shine on the show along with her character Alex Dupre, because she is really talented.


Here is a video of Jana Kramer performing live singing, “Happy As Hell”.

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