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Quote: History Repeats

History repeats itself.

History repeats itself.

Touched hearts with touch hearts,
Hurt people will hurt people,
and open minds will open minds.

It’s just that simple.

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I left the door wide open for you
Why don’t you come in?
Don’t be a stranger
It’s safe to come in
I’ve been waiting for you

Where have you been?
That’s not important, as long as I have you near
Sit back, get comfortable
You don’t have to go
Anywhere we are is paradise

You’ve got me open twenty-four seven
So I hope that you’ll stay right where you are
Your company completes me
It’s so easy to see
I’m wide open because I gave you the key

No this isn’t about anybody specific. I am simply sitting, looking at the door & writing what came to mind.

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