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Overwhelmed (By Our Own Design)


Your sweet frustration tastes like strawberries & honey.

We live or die by our own design
Look at us right now

Crossing the line
We’re hard to define
Intertwined stories coming together as we please, creating true fiction from our friction
We’re not ruled by what we know
We’re married to the night as though it’ll never end
This special quality keeps us connected, distance be damned

No end in sight with you before me
Wanting more only comes naturally

This right here is no illusion
Show me what I’ve been missing
There’s no promise in expectations, only actions
You want to go another round, come in closer
The closer I am, the closer you’ll be to ecstasy
A stroke of beauty cascading through your every motion

Swimming in a sea of time
Swept up in everything, but our surroundings

I know you’ve been waiting to be taken until you can no longer speak
Such voluptuous emotions need time to breathe
Our lips keep starting fires that won’t retire every time we make contact
Had to uncover that perfect insanity that you’ve been craving
Your sweet frustration tastes like strawberries & honey

Devoured by devotion, intimacy exposes our souls seeking release
This passion alters our consciousness

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