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Love The Pain


I love you and it’s killing me

We are so close and yet so distant
You don’t realize that I’m not your enemy
We’re always fighting to be at peace
I don’t know who I am when we fight
I can’t be who you are

We spend so much time living like assassins
Turning words into weapons when we collide
Hold me by the heart just to get even
You hurt just to keep me with you
I can’t fight your fears forever

Our Russian Roulette relations won’t let me live
You want me to hurt like you
Break my bones verbally until I fall back on what I believe
You’re never wrong, that’s why we’ll never be right
I can’t look up to you when you look down on me

I can’t make you see
I love you and it’s killing me

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I’d let the past be the past, if it’d be done with me.
Nothing good comes easily, don’t fool yourself.
Shall I compare thee to me all the days of my life?


Your love is unobtainable.
Everything I can’t be is everything you want.
I am just not enough.


Fight for everything, fight for nothing.
Take everything from me, I’m already lonely.
You’ve got me at a loss.


It’s clear that you don’t have a clue.
Tell me what’s “good”?
Am I, or have I ever been that?

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We’re loud until we’re quiet.
Keeping it together until we can not.
Hide all your feelings fast.
Your heart’s a mess, coming apart at the seams.

Shattered dreams & broke down heart beats.
We couldn’t help ourselves.
There’s no one word to describe all this dead-end disappointment.
Laugh until you cry & die a little, I did.
It hurts for both of us, but let me let you go.

In the morning you will leave me, like a faded memory.
And I will wash away with the night ahead. Intoxicated by the voices filling our heads, this is where our story ends.

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Quote: History Repeats

History repeats itself.

History repeats itself.

Touched hearts with touch hearts,
Hurt people will hurt people,
and open minds will open minds.

It’s just that simple.

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Quotes: Dark Side

Tragic & brilliant

Tragic & brilliant

“I don’t want to be that dark place you run to when things won’t work. I don’t want to be your ‘dark side of the moon’.” – Spike: A Dark Place

“Sooner or later… you’re gonna want it. And the second–the second that happens, you know I’ll be there. I’ll slip in… have myself a real good day. Here endeth the lesson.” – Spike (Season 5)

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