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WTF: Strange Sleep

Sleeping with babies can lead to quite a few awkward things happening. I honestly don’t know how kids can flail around so much & still get sleep.
I once slept with my baby nephew years ago & I ended up with a foot in my face a la the “Roundhouse Kick”.

I have a few friends that have become parents or will soon be joining the (fight) club. This is what you have to look forward to!!

How To Be A Dad

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Take It From Me

This morning I saw her, but something was different.
So strong and stable, gone in a whisper.
Her life had left her with none of her own, and I had to pick up the pieces.
I could never say enough to clear the path to her freedom, but I’ll try anyway until it’s crystal clear just how good she was to me.
We die from all of the passionate distress that we try to hold back.
It’s too much to hold in and there’s too little to stop us from going overboard.
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