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Tequila for Breakfast

I’m staring at this bottle of tequila while I eat breakfast. The only things stopping me from opening it & chugging it like its orange juice are:

1) I bought it for my best friend’s birthday bash.
2) I don’t usually drink alone.
3) Tequila doesn’t really go with bacon & eggs.

Anyway, tomorrow’s D-Sull’s birthday party & I can’t wait to see him & his wifey, Angel. I’ve missed my 2 best friends.

That sweet sentimental moment is over & out.

TGIF, Happy Friday!

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Estrogen & Alcohol (Party Crashers)

Last night my best friend talked me into crashing his FiancĂ©es “Girls Night Out” after I was finished work. Imagine for a minute what happens when two guys crash a party filled with nothing but Estrogen and obscene amounts of alcohol. Craziness ensues. We had fun, plenty to laugh about and plenty of blackmail material. Ladies, thanks for all of the dancing, drinking, laughing, kissing & awkward moments with a cute embarrassed Waitress.

*Sigh* Good (unexpected) times were had, I have the photos and videos to prove it.

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