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Blank Slate

Rebuild what was erased.

Rebuild what was erased.

Maybe you shouldn’t come back to me

There’s just something about being a blank slate
All of these loses I won’t miss
Tired of trying to rebuild the past
You’ll only let me down, until I let you go
How it always used to be wasn’t how it’s meant to be
You know the reason why

Maybe you shouldn’t come back to me

I’ve been dreaming
All I need is a moment to believe
A lifetime of forgetfulness has filled me to the brink
We can’t live without a flash of yesterday catching our attention
Right or wrong, I want to know
I should know, even if I won’t be the same

Maybe you should come back to me
Rebuild what was erased

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Quote: The Journey

Isn't that the truth?

Isn’t that the truth?

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I missed you.

This has happened to me, panel for panel. Weird.

It’s weird when both of you know what is going on, but you still can’t act on how you feel. Each time you do, they retreat further & further, unless you repress what you had & wipe it clean from the existence of your heart & memory. History can be a pain, especially when it plays out the way it did in this short story.

Just an accident waiting to happen.

I’ll post something happier or at least more thought-provoking later.

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Something I’ve Always Wanted To Say

Hi love,

Just wanted to say that I’m on my way now and that I can’t wait to be with you. Let’s put a movie on tonight and enjoy each others company. I have to warn you though, I’m feeling frisky because you looked so good when last I saw you. We might have to pause the movie as I lay you down on the sofa and do something nice & naughty that I’ve been wanting to do to you all day.

Afterwards, we can watch the rest of the movie, or maybe we’ll just go for a nice walk to calm down. I love the way your arm wraps around mine so easily while you rest your head on my shoulders as we slowly walk. It just feels so good to be next to you.

Selfishly, I’m looking forward to falling asleep next to you while feeling your warmth against mine.

This was a note that I had written after waking from a dream with the intention of sending it to someone special, but I never did for some reason or another. It’s amazing what I find in my old email drafts.
I wonder if I’ll ever have the balls or heart to send something like this to someone now? This is the type of honesty that usually gets me in trouble, haha…sigh.

Hmm, I wonder.

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Point of Reference (A Reason For Being)

To recognize oneself you must have a point of reference to base it on. I’m still seeking that point of reference, I’m still searching for you.

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