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Quote: Reading


It is hard to remain the same after opening a book that opens you up to the worlds around and within you.

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Masks (Pt. 3)


You’re dangerous only when you’re misunderstood.
You want to cross the lines you know all too well.
Reflection shows what’s going on inside.

Hiding behind what you hate to admit.

The things we do to disguise our urges.
Getting caught up in drugs by any other name.
We’re either running to or from ourselves.

See through my demeanor and shades of grey.

You can’t react to what you don’t recognize.
Look deeper before you love the skin I’m in.
What the light tends to miss is what the dark can’t resist.

Freedom can be frightening, that’s why we want more.

All the things you’ve done become you, if you let them.
Introduce me to your truest identity.
All those secrets, take them off.

I want to see you.

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Goodnight, I Love You


This is so undeniably true (at times).

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Two Face


Should beauty make me feel this way?
Skin deep isn’t as deep as I need you to be
Sure, you’re easy on the eyes
But I can’t look at you the same way anymore

You can’t make a first impression twice
None of this “fake it to make it”

What you don’t understand is
The beauty below the make up is what I want to breathe for
Like lipstick, your words leave a mark on me
I do a double-take every time you speak in tongues so tainted

You can’t hide behind a mirror
Show me your good side, if you still have one
You’re no better than you appear
Bad ways always destroy beauty
It’s such a shame

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Burning (Into The Night) [Pt. 4]

Tried to live my life looking through your eyes, because you’re all I see
Can’t hold back, your touch is my language, and your presence my purpose
I can leave it all behind with you on my mind
Take me deep into the distance, don’t you ever stop
Burning bright into the night

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